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Smart Sketcher Makes Drawing and Learning Fun

Have you heard of Smart Sketcher?  It is a projector which works with an app and is designed to help teach children to draw, learn letters, numbers, languages and more.  The Smart Sketcher was developed by Flycatcher. This unique learning toy embraces  STEAM learning and may help to improve fine motor skills while teaching.

The Smart Sketcher sets up very quickly and the app only takes a few seconds to download, so you can start using it right away.

Check out my video review and demonstration on how to use the Smart Sketcher.

I love how the Smart Sketcher is not just a fun toy to play with, but it is an educational toy too.  It encourages kids to be creative and makes learning fun.  You can take a picture of anything you want and transfer it to the Smart Sketcher to be drawn.

If you home school your children, this would be a fun way to incorporate your daily lessons into a fun project.  If you take your child to a museum or any other event, you can use photos from the event and load them into the app and project them onto paper with the Smart Sketcher and let your child trace and color the photo.  There are other great ways to use the Smart Sketcher for learning too, as I demonstrated in the video.

The Smart Sketcher has an MSRP of $59.95 and is available at, Amazon, QVC, and other fine retailers.

Expansion packs include:

Creativity Packs
Learn A Language Alphabet Packs
Creativity Sets
Master Class Creativity Sets
Picture This Frames
Writeboard set

About Flycatcher
Flycatcher is a young UK company that creates innovative tech toys for kids. It was founded in 2014 by Shay Chen, an Israeli developer who previously ran two successful technology businesses before focusing his attention on toys. As a father as well as an inventor, he saw how his own children seamlessly moved between digital and physical worlds, learning how to navigate their complicated 21st century world through play. “Technology was like a magnet for them,” says Chen. “But I wanted to make sure that they also played offline and learned the social skills that are often missing with screens.” Flycatcher aims to capture online and offline synergy by creating toys that engage kids in new and meaningful ways. All Flycatcher toys are app-connected. However, they incorporate physical play with the same kind of seamless energy that Chen admired in his children.
Flycatcher’s first toy, Painting Lulu, was a digital coloring book, melding paper pages and mobile devices. The smART sketcher™ Projector raises the bar on integrated play. This app-enabled toy puts the fun of sketching, drawing, and writing into the hands of kids using photos from any mobile device, step-by-step drawing packs, and curriculum-based writing and spelling activities that bridge the gap between schoolwork, homework, and play.
“Our goal is to use emerging technologies to embrace STEAM learning, while nurturing creativity, fine motor skills, and basic story-telling,” says Chen. “All of our products–those existing as well as those in development–balance physical and digital activities, and encourage interaction between kids and adults.”

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.  This post contains affiliate links.