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Socially Conscious Toys from Axol and Friends

Meet Axol.  He is an axoloti that was created by Axol and Friends, a socially conscious toy company, and was inspired by rare endangered species. He was created to raise awareness.  Axol and Friends will soon also introduce a pangolin, and eventually a golden lion tamarin, puffin, and saiga antelope.  A portion of the proceeds for each sale from Axol and Friends goes to conservation efforts. 

Each Axol plush comes with a certificate of authenticity which states that a portion of its sale is used to fund after school programs focused on educating youths about the importance of environmental conservation and protecting endangered animals.

Axol and Friends is committed to sustainability at every level and each plush made by Axol and Friends is made from recycled polyester materials.

(Learn about the Axoloti)

Check out my video review about Axol the Axoloti

When you visit the Axol website, you can find information about Axol the axoloti and learn how you can purchase him to help support the mission of Axol and Friends.  A portion of each sale of Axol and his friends is donated to Ecologico Zapotian, a nonprofit organization in Central Mexico.  This organization creates community engagement programs for youth with the emphasis on the importance of environmental conservation.  They also engage children and teens in creating solutions to community problems which include the Axoloti's risk of extinction.  To read more about this story, please visit

You can learn more about Axol and Friends by following them on Social Media:
Instagram: @axolandfriends

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I will be giving away an Axol plush with certificate of authenticity to one of my followers.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

Disclosure:  I received an Axol plush to review.


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