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The Oregon Trail Game-Journey to Willamette Valley

Here is a fun, new family game night game that will make a great addition to your board game collection.  
The Oregon Trail Game - Journey to Willamette Valley is a fun, strategic racing board game of survival.  The strategy of the game is take your family on a journey to Willamette Valley to find fortune while keeping as much money as possible so that you can start a new life there.
Disease, starvation, rattlesnakes and other hazards will stand in the way of your journey as players use tiles to discover towns, trails, rivers and more on their journey to Willamette Valley.  You must hunt for food to keep your family alive so that you don't have to pay expensive funeral costs.
You will have limited room for supplies in your wagon, so any decisions you make are key.  The weather will get harsher, supplies will diminish and food will be hard to come by.  Soon the passengers in your wagon will decrease as they perish.
Prepare smartly, and make wise choices.  The last person on the trail or first to reach Willamette Valley signals the end of the game and the person with the largest fortune wins.

Disclosure:  I received this game to review.
You’ve played the original games, The Oregon Trail Card Game and The Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food. Now, it’s time for Pressman’s newest version, The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley!

Different from the first two, this new game is a competitive strategy board game with every wagon out for themselves. It is tile-based as players forge the trail, discovering a multitude of pathways with each gameplay.

Do you have what it takes to race to victory?!


  1. My kids loved playing The Oregon Trail--and we live in the Willamette Valley :) Thanks for writing about our beloved State.

    1. Oh wow! That is pretty cool. I can see why they would love it! :)


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