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What Makes North Dakota an Underrated Vacation Holiday Destination?

Considering there are 50 states in America, you can often think of it as 50 different countries. They’re all diverse, interesting and have their own cultures and specialities. However, one of the most underrated states (at least, in our opinion) has to be North Dakota, especially if you love the great outdoors and experiencing new things in the wild. From historic monuments to mountain biking, North Dakota is a place that you cannot miss if you want a uniquely American experience.

Experience the great outdoors

When it comes to exploring the wild and natural landscape of Dakota, there’s nothing greater than paddleboarding, biking or even kayaking, especially during the summer. You can also experience some beautiful hiking trails that are filled with scenic views and interesting sights. If you’re enthusiastic about exploring, then you can simply grab a map and go off with whatever mode of transportation you prefer, be it walking, biking or even in a jeep. If you don’t know where you’re going, then there are plenty of guided tours and set hiking paths that you can enjoy.

There’s a lot here in North Dakota for adventurous types, and it’s certainly a destination you don’t want to miss if you want to embrace the great outdoors.

Interesting cities

You’ll find plenty to do in the cities as well. Whether you book hotel suites in Fargo, North Dakota or choose to stay in the capital, Bismarck, there are plenty of sights, sounds and events to partake in. From outdoor concerts to yoga meetups, there’s always something to do here in North Dakota no matter where you visit.

I would definitely recommend that you take a look at an events schedule for the city you plan to stay at. Even better, I’d actually recommend that you take a tour around North Dakota to visit all the unique cities, walk all the beautiful hiking trails and generally explore the state to find all kinds of interesting things to do.

Quirky attractions

If you ever find yourself in New Salem, then you might come across the world’s largest fibreglass Holstein cow sculpture. Venture to Fargo (or Bismarck) and you’ll come across the Space Aliens Grill & Bar, a unique and quirky place for drinks and food.

North Dakota also has Rugby, the geographical centre of North America, and Interstate 94 which is known as the highway of giants. It boasts four of the world’s largest things; the World’s Largest Buffalo, the World’s Largest Sand Crane, the World’s Largest Holstein Cow and the “Geese in Flight”, which is the record holder for the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world.

With some many unique, interesting and fun activities in North Dakota, we’re surprised that it doesn’t get more attention. Instead of visiting the typical North American attractions like Florida and New York, why not give North Dakota a try? It’s uniquely American and has plenty of interesting sights and sounds for you to experience, while also being unexpectedly cheap and affordable for a regular holiday.


  1. My sister and her husband lived in North Dakota 20 years ago. It is a beautiful state!


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