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Women In Business - Meredith Stevens, VP of Digital Design at Miss Bongo Prix

Do you know what is key to be a successful entrepreneur? Research. 

As women, we should never sell ourselves short in the business world.  Hard work and dedication can propel us to the top and allow us to live our lives the way we always dreamed.

A perfect example of that is Meredith Stevens of Miss Bongo.  She was identified a one the rising stars of the digital design industry.  She studied art and expanded her technology knowledge during her college years and studied the latest design software.  This helped to propel her to her current position of Vice President of Digital Design at Miss Bongo Prix.  The company was formed from an idea to use fun images and creativity to build social interactions between young people in a safe and secure environment that can be controlled as part of the Miss Bongo Prix. Animation and bringing Bongo to life for her app opened her eyes to the possibility of moving artwork positively.

Meredith spends a typical morning doing some form of exercise to help her get focused for the day and follows up with checking messages from the night before and contacting anyone who needed assistance.  She then checks projects she needs to complete and makes sure that they are moving in the right direction and meeting their deadlines.  Throughout the day, she continues to check on projects and tasks.  This attention to detail is what has helped her to be successful.

I love that Meredith explores her ideas on paper because of her background in art.  By writing down her thoughts and ideas it helped her to move them on to the computer where she brings them to life in a positive way.  I often keep notes in my phone when I think of ideas and look back on them when I want to start a project and need a direction to go.  I too like to keep my writing upbeat and positive.

Part of Meredith's success has been sticking to her guns and believing in her approach.  She keeps herself open to ideas and always takes advice, but in the end, she always does what she feels is right.  This trait helped her find her way in business.  She has learned to trust herself over the years.  With the help of her team she becomes more productive and readier to handle every day.  Sometimes she just sticks to gut instinct.  She never lets failures stand in her way.  She uses them as a learning tool and works harder to make them right for the future.

Meredith holds all of the key traits to be a successful business woman.  Those traits are self-belief, ambition, confidence, passion, humility and willingness to learn, sense of purpose, assertiveness, hard work, bravery and persistence. 

When asked what her key learning were, she responded:

• Don’t be afraid of change or trying new things.
• Success doesn’t come easy, but it does come if you are persistent.
• Stick to your guns and believe in yourself.

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  1. I didn’t like change and I’m still getting use to things. Now I can see change is not that bad.


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