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Chetone Running Belt for Bounce Free Runs

I was asked to review a running belt from CHETONE and was pretty excited about it because of all the great features it has.  I am not a runner, I am a walker, but my husband likes to run.

Because I have RA, holding things in my hands for long periods of time is painful for me, so I try to keep my hands empty.  Having a waste belt is a necessity for me.  It allows me to keep my phone, keys and ID with me while I walk.  This belt has even more benefits.

The belt features a reflective strip that is perfect for night safety.  It is also has 2 zippered pockets.  One of the pockets is great for holding keys, cash, phone etc.  The other is perfect for an ipod or iphone and even has an earbud slot.

The belt is designed so it doesn't bounce around. and can be adjusted from 68cm to 110cm.  It can be worn on waist or shoulder.

Another thing that I love about this belt is that is has a spot that holds a water bottle.  Here is my video review:

This belt is available on Amazon for $9.99 and has a 100% Warranty

Disclosure:  I received this belt to review for my honest personal opinion.