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Spooky Specs Transform Ordinary Lights to 3D Imagery

Looking to add some fun to your Halloween parties?  Spooky Specs turn ordinary light into 3D spooky images when you wear them!  These specs are available in 3 spooky versions,  Jack o Lantern, Bats, and Skulls!

Spooky Specs are from and they are the 3d spooky glasses that are great for Trick or Treaters, Halloween parties  and costume accessories.    These are available in a plastic and paper version.  Each spec has its own theme. 

These are from the makers of Holiday Specs and overe 20 million have been sold!  These fun specs trasform ordinary points of light into bats, skulls and Jack o Lanterns.

Look for spooky specs in your local party stores and wherever Paper Optics products are sold.

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Check out my video review!