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Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar Soda with Stevia is Delicious

I haven't drank full calorie soda in years, and I am always looking for a great tasting soda that is packed with flavor without the added calories or sugar.  Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar soda fits that description perfectly.

Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar soda is sweetened with Stevia, a sugar substitute that is plant based.  These sodas are full of flavor, not chemicals.  I love that I can enjoy a can of Virgil's Zero Sugar soda that has the taste of a full calorie soda and no terrible after taste.  This soda is simply delicious.

I received 3 of my favorite flavors to review including Root Beer, Cream and Black Raspberry.  These are flavors that I grew up loving. Each flavor is full bodied and delicious.  They are all made with sparkling filtered water.  I loved each flavor so much and can't wait to try the Lemon Lime, Cola and Orange flavors!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy zero calorie soda is in a ice cream float.  Virgil's Root Beer soda floats are so good.  They let me indulge with less guilt.

Virgil's sodas are available in both can and bottle.  You can purchase Virgil's Hand Crafted sodas on their website ,  or visit their product locator to find a location near you!  It is also available on Amazon.

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Disclosure:  I received product for review in exchange for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.  This post contains affiliate links.