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What Foods do Tailgaters Prefer?

With tailgating season upon us, savings destination RetailMeNot conducted a survey about what foods tailgaters prefer--did you know people in the West & Midwest prefer burgers, while the South & Northeast prefer wings?   Recently Shopping & Trends Expert Sara Skirboll of RetailMeNot conducted this survey.

Personally I was surprised.  I would think that it would be reversed.  Check out the other outcomes of the survey below.

Burgers vs. Wings – A Geographic Debate
  • People in West (26%) and Midwest (22%) prefer to eat burgers at their tailgates.
  • People in the South (27%) and Northeast (24%) prefer to eat wings at tailgates.

Food & Drink – The Favorites
  • When it comes to food, these foods are tailgaters' favorites: 
    • Burgers: 22%
    • Wings: 21%
    • Pizza: 10%
  • People prefer to drink the following at tailgates:
    • Beer: 33%
    • Soda: 18%
    • Water: 17%
    • Liquor: 6%
    • Wine: 5%
  • For both females and males, beer is the preferred drink.
    • Female: 20%
    • Male: 42%

What do you like to eat and drink at tailgates?