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Calico Critters Play Sets are Sweet and Adorable

These beautiful play sets from Calico Critter are sure to be a favorite.  They are sweet and adorable and have an innocence about them.

I want to show you a few items that are available from Calico Critters.  These made great holiday gifts for any girl or boy, and even for adults who like to collect them.  These sets were made with so much detail and you can see the love that is put into creating each one. 

Baby Band Blind Bag Series - 8 to collect in all
MSRP $4.99 (Ages 3 and up)

The Baby Band Series can hold their instruments in their hands, so that you can set them up for display or for imaginative play.  They can be used with the nursery series playsets and within various houses in the Calico Critters series. (Each sold separately)

Each blind bag includes one baby; Chocolate Rabbit Baby and violin, Walnut Squirrel Baby and tambourine, Milk Rabbit Baby and drum with sticks, Toy Poodle Baby and accordion, Bear Baby (sitting) and cymbals, Yellow Labrador Baby (sitting) and xylophone with mallets, Tuxedo Cat Baby (sitting) and piano, Maple Cat Baby and trumpet (a total of 2 - 5 pieces)

Bag Contents:   (1) Baby Figure and musical instrument

NEW! Baby Play Sets
MSRP $17.95 (Ages 3 and up)

Baby Choo Choo Train -  This set includes Jason Cuddle Bear figure.  It is read for play as a stand alone.  The train cars can be pushed along the tracks by hands for imaginative play.  One baby can fit into each train car.  Also contains railroad crossing with movable gate.

Can be used with Baby Castle Nursery and Baby Castle Playground (sold separately)

Includes: Station, Railway, Train, Passenger Cart, Connector, Crossing Gate, Crossing Signal, Baby Bear (8 Total Pieces)

Baby Tree HouseIncludes Luke Hazelnut Chipmunk, hammock, slide, swing which are all perfect to help the babies play!  Pose your babies to peek out through the leaves!  Perfect for setting up with the Baby Castle Nursery to create a large school scene complete with a garden (sold separately)

Includes: Baby Tree House, Tree Trunk, Branch, Swing, Swing Set Strings, Slide, Table, Chair, Chipmunk Baby (9 Pieces total)

Calico Critters Town Girl Series
MSRP $12.95

There are several items that are available in the Calico Critter Town Girl Series.  They include this adorable figure, Stella the Hopscotch Rabbit who is a dress designer, Laura the Toy Poodle, and Lulu the Silk Cat. (each sold separately.  Each figure is dressed in a beautiful silk dress and has their own special accessories.  They are ready to go out shopping in town.  These figures are perfect for imaginative play.

Calico Critter Designer Studio
MSRP $ 39.95

The Calico Critters Designer Studio is Stella the Hopscotch Rabbit's private studio.  She works as a dress designer in town.  Calico friends can sit and enjoy a lovely cup of tea inside.  This set is beautifully designed with so much attention to details.  Stella is included and is dressed in a different dress that she designed.   

This set can be used with the Calico Critter town with other buildings in the Town Series.  Other buildings include: Grand Department Store, Delicious Restaurant and Gelato Shop, among others.  Buildings and shops can be customized by replacing windows, fences and awnings, which are each sold separately.

The Designer Studio contains: roof ornament, fence x2, window x2, Stella, hat, handbag, sofa, table, tart, plate, tea cup, saucer, fork. (16 pieces total)

Check out my video review:

For more information on all of the Calico Critters sets, series and figures, visit

Disclosure:  I received products to review for my honest personal opinion.


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