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Fun Gag Gifts! Sticky the Poo and Sticky the Unicorn Poo

Gross toys are so popular this year and these are grossly cute and fun!

Hog Wild Toys has 2 of the funniest gag toys, Sticky Poo and Sticky Unicorn Poo!  The world's most popular emoji is now a toy!  Mold it. Throw it. Splat it!  These fun sticky toys stick to most flat surfaces and walls. They make fun stocking stuffers and gag gifts for the office.

Sticky the Unicorn Poo
Feel the magic with new Sticky Unicorn Poo by Hog Wild! The vibrant, rainbow-colored
poo of these mystical creatures “magically” sticks and splats to any flat surface. Mold it, grip
it, toss it and watch it sore into the air! If it get’s dirty, simply rinse with water and it will
regain its stickiness. Perfectly playful fun for unicorn and poop fans of all ages.
For ages 4+. Available Now.
MSRP: $5.99. Retailers: Amazon, Walmart, JC Penny

Trick your friend! This gag toy is sure to bring lots of laughs!  Having a crappy day?  Give Sticky the Poo a toss! 


Sticky the Poo is available in 3 different versions.

Sticky the Poo
The world’s most poop-ular Emoji just got wee bit stickier!
Meet Sticky the Poo from Hog Wild! This poo sticks. . . to the floors, the walls, even
the ceiling!! Grip, shape and throw it around, just like the monkey’s doo! It’s super
squishy, sticky surface and moldable middle let it “splat” and stick to just about any flat
surface. Then pull it off and start all over again.
Available in three different faces; collect and “splat” them all!
For ages 4+. Available Now.
MSRP: $5.99 each. Retailers: Amazon, Walmart , JC Penny

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Disclosure:  I received items to review.  This post contains affiliate links.


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