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Have a Smooshy Mushy Smashy Mashy Holiday

Slow rising scented squish toys and mystery bag toys are all the rage this holiday season.  Redwood Ventures has 2 lines of toys that are both!  


Smooshy Mushy is a popular line of deliciously scented mystery squishy toys and Redwood Ventures has just introduced a new series.  These are the Smooshy Mushy Baby Series1.  Smooshy Mushy Baby comes encased in a baby bottle that has disappearing milk.  Inside the bottle are a mystery Smooshy Mushy baby with bestie, sticker, search games, mini bottle key chain.  There are 6 babies to collect in this series.   Recommended for ages 5+.  MSRP $14.99

Check out this Smooshy Mooshy Baby advertisement video:


Smashy Mashy is a popular line of Slime creatures. They come encased in a toxic slime barrel with disappearing slime.  Each barrel contains 1 Smashy Mashy squishy with bestie,  decoder, word search game, sticker.  There are 6 to collect in this series.   Recommended for ages 5+  MSRP $9.99


Smooshy Mushy Bento Series 2 is a Bento box set of Smooshy Mushy friends!  It comes with a Smooshy Mushy scented squishy, a bestie, a keychain, sticker and a dessert squishy friend.   There are 3 to collect in this series. Recommended for ages 5+. MSRP $34.99

Check out my video review and unboxing to see which Smooshy Mushy and Smashy Mashy squishies I get.  

Look for the Smooshy Mooshy and Smashy Mashy line on my Holiday Gift Guide tab!

Available on Amazon and in most toy retailers.

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Disclosure:  I received these products to review for my honest personal opinion.