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Look. Listen. Learn. Fire Prevention Resources for Parents and Teachers

October is Fire Prevention month!  It is important to always have a fire escape plan for your family.

National Fire Prevention Week is October 7-13.  Chances are, your local fire department will have some sort of event to help educate your local community about fire prevention and protection.  Check your local fire department website.

This year's theme is Look. Listen. Learn.

  • Look for places fire can start
  • Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm
  • Learn two ways out of each room
These 3 steps can save your or your family's life.  Being the wife of a Deputy Fire Chief, I have heard my share of sad stories involving fires.  Having a plan in place is important and necessary.  Fires can happy anywhere and at any time.  They can occur in the home, at hotels, and anywhere else.  Sit your family down and have a plan that covers both inside and outside your home. 

When my husband and I go on vacation and stay in hotels, the first thing we do is count the number of doors to the exit. We always identify where the staircase is as well.  This is just one small way to you too can start an away plan with your family.

The National Fire Protection Association has many of the resources that you need, to help you and your family learn about fire protection and prevention.

Show this video to your children.

Sparky the Fire Dog has been teaching children about fire safety since the 1950s . 

There are so many fun activities and games that your children can play, to learn about fire prevention on the NFPA website for Kids!  They are free to play and teach your children valuable, and potentially life saving fire prevention and safety information.  You can find all of these activties on

Are you an educator?  There are lots of resources, lesson plans and printables available here

Parents can subscribe to NFPA Kids channel on YouTube.

For the adults, here is important Fire Safety Information 


I hope you and your family enjoy all of these important safety resources!  

Stay Safe!