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Make a New Year Resolution to Live Love Create

2019 is our year to shine, to create and to inspire.  As a blogger I am always looking for ways to inspire my readers.  This coming new year, I want to incorporate more organization, inspiration and creativity, not only in my blog,  but in my personal life as well.  

Having a good planner is important to me as a mom, wife and blogger.  I have a lot of projects, appointments and schedules that I have to keep track of.  

I love the 2019 Inspired Year Planner.  It starts off with a beginning of the year goal-setting section and has 10 pages for me to write down my goals, plans and ideas.  It also has a mid year goal review so I am reminded to look back and see how I am doing with my planned goals.  

It is perfect for goal-setting and for busy creators, like myself.  The pages are roomy and well organized.  It is perfect for helping me manage my busy life.  

The Planner has beautiful quotes that will help to keep me inspired and uplifted.  

This truly is a complete and perfect planner.

What is in the Planner:

Goal Setting Inspiration

  • Big dreams and heart-centered goal-setting pages
  • Beginning of year goal-setting (10 pages to start the year off right)
  • Mid-year goal review
  • Quarterly work+life balance charts
  • Monthly & weekly space to plan and track goal progress
  • Daily to-do lists
  • Year-in-review reflection prompts
  • 12-week goals broken down by season

Monthly and Weekly Calendars

  • Inspiring quotes on monthly and weekly spreads & seasonal divider
  • Full 2-page spread for each month and week
  • Hourly scheduler
  • Holidays included
  • Moon phases
  • Yearly overview calendar for 2019 & 2020
  • Extra notes pages
  • Tabbed months for easy reference
  • Book lies flat


  • Warm and inviting, big and bright
  • High quality 100gsm ultra-white paper
  • Reinforced laminated monthly tabs on sturdy 200gsm ultra-white paper
  • 19pt soft-to-the-touch softcover or ultra-reinforced hardbound cover with soft coating and gold foil accents
  • Gold wire-o binding

About the Designer  Kathy Pine

Kathy is a mother of three, artist, and designer who grew up with a love of paper. Some of her earliest
memories were punching out holes to make handmade holiday cards with her mom. Surrounded by a 
family of makers, she began programming at at as a young child, and was a self-taught graphic designer 
and web developer at an early age.

An artist and entrepreneur at heart, Kathy opened her first company at age 25, where she has created
hundreds of brands, marketing campaigns and websites over the years.

In 2013, after navigating the very all-consuming work+life balance challenges of entrepreneurship and
early motherhood, Kathy saw her passion lied in inspiring and providing a path for others to believe in and
pursue their dreams alongside their ambitious roles.

The love for the custom sentiment - making a message that is in part written and in part a piece of art 
delivered through paper, carried with her throughout the years. She began making paper and media 
products that served women's desire to creatively contribute to the world, while pursuing a full, enriching 
life in which cherishing the moment, nurturing relationships, mindfulness and family come first.

Kathy's unique style of planners, paper goods and gifts can now be found at, on Etsy
and on Amazon.

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Kathy is giving me the opportunity to give one of my followers one of her beautiful planners to help keep them inspired and organized in the new year.  Fill out the Rafflecopter Form below to enter.  Good Luck!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post with affiliate links.  I was given a planner to review for my honest personal opinion.   This giveaway is open to USA only aged 18 and older.  By entering this giveaway you agree that your email may be given to the sponsor so that they may contact you for prize fulfillment.


  1. 2019 Inspired Year Planner | Adventure Begins is my favorite!

  2. I love the 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | LIVE LOVE CREATE, the colors are stunning!!

  3. I like all the planners - but what I look for most is large areas to write the daily activites. Many calenders have shrunk the calendar part to enhance all the drawings, inspiration quotes and messages they feel are important. I like that the Adverture Begins planner for the fact that each morning I wake - that is what happens.....a new adventure. I try to Live Happy and give thanks for the opportunity for each day - whether it all be good or have stumbling stones along the way. The covers are all nice, but I will have it open most of the time, so the large size of content for each day is what is most important to me. Thanks for this chance to win.

    1. Good luck! This one has lots of room to write and even has blank pages.

  4. My favorite is the 2019 Inspired Year Planner, with the "And so the adventure begins" cover.
    I'm absolutely in love with this planner, as well as the other items available. (Trust me-- this is coming from someone who is as far from a "planner addict" as they come! :p ) I feel motivated and inspired just by browsing through them online. And they look so well-made, and so wonderfully thought-out and designed.
    Thank you,
    --Ann B.

  5. My favorite is the 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | AQUA FRAGMENT

  6. My favorite is the 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | AQUA FRAGMENT!

  7. And so the Adventure Begins is a favorite

  8. My favorite is the small planner - Live Happy!

  9. I like the 2019 live happy planner
    Addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  10. My favorite is the 2019 Inspired Year Live Happy Planner and its such a great way to have a daily reminder of a positive living mindset. My email is

  11. Adventure Begins is my favorite! It's so cute and I think I would like uing it

  12. I like the Adventure Begins planner.

  13. I like the large daily planners to keep track of all my kiddos work schedules in one place!

  14. I like the large Live Happy planner.

  15. I LOVE the Aqua Fragment! So cute!

  16. I love the Aqua Fragment planner. The metallic design is really nice.

  17. 2019 Inspired Year Planner | Large - Aqua Fragment.


  19. What beautiful planners, my favorite is the hardcover Inspired Year Planner _ Live Happy

  20. I love the large Live Love Create 2019 inspired planner.

  21. I really like the 2019 small Inspired planner-Live Happy. Such a pretty color!

  22. I like the Aqua fragment planner. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  23. My favorite is the 2019 Inspired Year Planner | Large - Adventure Begins

  24. As an artist I like their "2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | LIVE LOVE CREATE". Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  25. I like the live happy planner in pink. I love to write things down and make lists, so having a planner is a must for me.

  26. I like the Live Happy planner.

  27. I really love this planner -!

  28. I really like the 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | AQUA FRAGMENT

  29. I LOVE the 2019 live happy planner!!!

  30. I really like all of the designs but my favorite is the aqua fragment. It's such a pretty color!

  31. I love the 2019 Live Love Create planner in purple!

  32. The 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | ADVENTURE BEGINS planner looks great! I have just looked at the details of that planner and it's perfect! Life balance alone is selling me!

  33. I love the 2019 instpired year Planner | LIVE LOVE CREATE

  34. The 2019 Inspired Year Calendar Adventure Begins is my favorite.

  35. My favorite is the 2019 Inspired Year Planner | Large - Aqua Fragment

  36. I like the Live Happy planner the best.

  37. I need the 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER. I run an home for disabled adults and I need to keep track of appointments, meds and doctor visits. This would be perfect and simuliar to what use now only this one on your site looks even nice. I would be lost without a planner. Thanks!

  38. My favorite is the Live Happy planner.

  39. 2019 INSPIRED YEAR PLANNER | 7"X9" SMALL HARDCOVER - SHAKLEE is my favorite-compact enough to fit in my purse, yet not need a magnifying glass to read lol Thank you for the chance!

  40. Favorite would be the 2019 Inspired year planner | 7"X9" small - adventure begins.

  41. My favorite is the 2019 inspired Year Planner. I love the organization of this and feel it would best fit my needs.

  42. 2019 Live Love Create planner is my favorite love all of them.


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