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Are We More Interested in Fast Food or Fitness

Take a look around.  There are fast food joints everywhere, but there are also more and more gyms popping up all over, and a rise in memberships.  So, which are Americans more interested in, fast food or fitness?

 A recent study by state, using Google search volume data conducted by Digital Third Coast shows that the top fast food chain in the United States was Dominos.  With their usually quick delivery service aimed to please their hungry customers, I can understand that.  Other fast food companies in the top 3 are McDonalds and Chick Fil-A.  Did your favorite make the Top 10?  Read their article to find out.

So, I guess you are wondering which are the top 3 fast food searching states.  They are, in order Florida, which I can kind of understand because many people vacation there and are looking for places to grab a quick bite, followed by Colorado, which is surprising to me.  Third was Texas.  Check out the Top 10 in the article above.  States that rarely Google fast food chains include Idaho, New Hampshire and Alaska.

Some surprising things about the study were that certain states that aren't normally seen as having healthy citizens, such as Kentucky had low search volumes for fast food.  Another surprising study is that some states that do come across as having ultra-healthy citizens, like California, came in at #18 for searching for fast food.

Which states used Google to make healthy choices?

Digital Third Coast studied the most Googled fitness keywords in the country.  Many of them were gym related, to see which states were searching most for these terms and which could care less.

Of course California was #1, followed by Florida and Arizona.  The top 10 are listed on the Digital Third Coast site.  My state, New Jersey, came in at #11, which doesn't surprise me.  I see the trend of young adults being gym obsessed, including my adult son and his friends.  

States that rarely Googled healthy topics include Maine, North Dakota and Vermont.  That surprises me and doesn't.  It does because I assumed them to be very health conscious states, and it doesn't because if they are already health conscious, why would they need info about it.

So, who were the most confused states that Googled both fast food and fitness?  The top 3 were Florida, Colorado and Texas.  Perhaps they like to burn their candles at both ends.  I know I do.

Read more about this interesting subject and see the infographic by visiting Digital Third Coast.


  1. I’m from Texas. There is gym right behind the Chick-fil-a, Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and Wendy’s. Guess after you eat you go workout or work out and eat fast food as a treat 😂.
    I love the picture. She’s on the treadmill and has a picture of what she would like to look like while eating.


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