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Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate Vitamin Drink for Healthy Hair

Hot Chocolate for your hair?  Yes!

I am not one of those persons who is religious about taking their vitamins every day, but Cocoa Locks makes me more apt to.

The Cocoa Locks is a chocolate vitamin powder formulated to help your hair grow healthily.  It is available in 2 versions, milkshake and hot chocolate.  It contains good for your hair ingredients like zinc, selenium and biotin which help to maintain healthy hair.

I have been taking the hot chocolate for the past month and I can see my hair looking more healthy and shiny and even has grown a bit.

I also have notices less fly away hairs and breakage, which was always common for me. My hair doesn't look as dry as it usually did either.  I really like how simple it is, and honestly how delicious it is to take the Cocoa Locks.  But more than that, I like the results.

The hot cocoa is really tasty and can be made with either water or milk.  I prefer to use almond milk and it is really yummy.  You only need a couple of teaspoons daily.  Heck, you can even throw a marshmallow or two in there if you want.  I may have done that but I won't tell.

If you are looking for a supplement for your hair, but hate taking vitamins,  give Cocoa Locks a try.  It is available exclusively on Amazon.

Did I mention that it is only 26 calories per serving?  Yasss!

  • Formulated for fuller & longer hair
  • Say goodbye to damaged, broken hair
  • Achieve healthier hair from within
  • Tastes great, so that you won't want to miss a dose
  • Contains Selenium, Zinc & Biotin, which has been clinically proven by the  European Union for the maintenance of healthy hair
  • Only 26 Calories per serving

Disclosure:  I received this product to try for my honest personal opinion.


  1. I absolutely love the idea of hot cocoa that helps your hair! This is awesome!

    1. The first time I saw it I was so excited. I love it!

  2. I would totally try this. A serious illness has left my hair dry, dull and it even fell out in handfuls. It's s
    tarting to come back but if chocolate can help...well, I'll make that sacrifice, lolol.


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