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Cut the Funny Stuff, Damon Wayans Jr Means Business with his New App for Entertainers

Damon Wayans means business, when it comes to helping entertainers.

This new app for performers called Special Guest was created by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kristopher Jones.  It is designed to help entertainers get gigs, get seen and get signed.

If you are an entertainer who is looking for gigs, or if you are looking to hire someone to entertain, this app is for you.

I like how this app can help entertainers be seen by other people.  There are a lot of talented people in this world who never catch a break.  With this app, they can get gigs and be seen by other people more often.  Plus they can get proper representation.

The app covers all levels of entertainment including kid's entertainers, musicians, actors, comedians, acrobats, DJs, photographers, etc.  The list goes on and one.  

I was thinking, if I had to search for a good entertainer, I wouldn't want to go to a phone book because I would only see a name and really not know anything about that performer I was looking to hire.  With the Special Guest app, I can get all of the information that I need, plus they show ratings for the talent as well.  They make it easy. The Special Guest app even allows you to pay the talent through the app, and communicate with the talent.

This is a modern twist on talent searching, the only difference, and it is a huge one, is that there are a lot more choices to choose from.

The Special Guest App never takes fees from the entertainers.  They make their money by charging a fee to the people hiring the entertainer. This is great for artists and doesn't cut into their profits.

The entertainment business is big, but on TV we only see the surface of it.  There are so many talented people out there and there is a huge market for them to explore.  This app allows them to have a fair chance of being hired.  

The app is simple to use. Everything is laid out easily.  It has different categories to choose from, depending on what type of entertainer you are or you need.  It also allows you to enter your location so that people in your area can find you easier.

It appears to me that Damon Wayans Jr and Kristopher Jones have created the perfect app to bridge a gap between entertainers and those who want to be entertained, with Special Guest.  

Kristen Lem recently interviewed Kristopher Jones and asked him who is favorite performer on the Special Guest app was.  This was his response:
"Damon Wayans Jr of course!!! He is, but in addition to him there are a lot of LA-based comedians (Paul EliaKeon PoleeTony BakerDenise Williamson) and performers in the LA market across a bunch of categories, including actors/actresses, artists, bands and ensembles, circus acts, comedians, cultural entertainment, dancers, DJs, impersonators, magicians, musicians, photographers/videographers, speakers/officiants, specialty acts and kid’s entertainers. We have many former contestants and finalists from American Idol, the Voice, and America’s Got talent, as well as seasoned entertainers and up and comers. Did I mention we also have the World’s #1 Obama Impersonator (Reggie Brown) and Mr. “She Bangs” himself – William Hung."
This unique, simple and genius app takes all of the leg work out of the search for both parties.  For more information about the Special Guest app, visit their website at


  1. It does sound like it would help entertainers get their faces out there. I hope it does well.


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