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Goose Creek Candles Smell so Real

Nothing says welcome  in my home  to me more than the scent of candles.  I love burning them around the holidays and when guests are coming over. 

It is important to me that the candles I purchase are good quality for several reasons.  I want them to burn slowly, I want the scent to last, and I want the scent to be authentic. Goose Creek  candles smell so real. 

I received a complimentary jar candle in the scent of  White Icing Cinnamon Roll, and you would swear that I had them baking in the oven.  The candle smells that good, and now I want cinnamon rolls to eat.

One of the nice things that I love about the Goose Creek candle I received is that it has a double wick.  This gives me the option of burning one or both.  Sometimes, I want a little more scent. This is especially true in the room where my cat likes to hang out.  When I want that extra scent, I can burn both wicks.  They also look pretty when both are burning.

Goose Creek has wonderful holiday scents, scents to warm the home, scents for a cause, and so many more.  There are over a hundred scents to choose from!

Check out this video to learn about Goose Creek Candles which are made here in the USA:

Goose Creek candles make a wonderful hostess gift. They are also great for gift giving in the office.  

For more information about Goose Creek Candle visit their website at:

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Disclosure:  I received a product to review for my honest personal opinion