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Li'l FairyLand Cuties are So Fun to Unwrap

Fairyland Cuties are adorable collectible fairy dolls that come packaged in layers of shiny foil! Unwrap each layer to reveal a fun secret surprise. Collect them all!  Use the accessories to decorate your doll. 6 surprises inside. 14 dolls to collect, each about 3” tall, 12 regular and 2 rare dolls. Hidden accessories include gemstone stickers, hair accessory, wand, and collector’s sheet with sticker.

Discover Fairyland!

I unwrapped a beautiful Fairy!  Her name is Petunia  I am so in love with her.   I love that she possesses a lot of the same qualities as me.

Check out my unwrapping video!

The FairyLand Cuties are so adorable.  They make great stocking stuffers, party favors, gifts and centerpieces for birthday parties!

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Fairyland Cuties are recommended for ages 4 and over.  The MSRP is 4.99.  They are available at Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Disclosure:  I received product to review for my post.  This post contains affiliate links.

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