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Are you like me, always clicking around the channels or trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Are you tired of the same old shows and looking to discover new and exciting ones?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, then is where you want to go.

NextFlicks gives you fresh recommendations on what to watch next.  They give you all of the latest feedback on all the top TV series and films from the latest streaming services.

Whether you're looking for the best movies on Netflix or a new show to binge on Amazon Prime, their concise reviews will help you to make a decision on something worth watching.  They have a numerical rating system on the site that is easy to understand and helps make it easy for you to see the worthwhile shows. is broken down by Genre and Viewing Site.  They even have a sub-section dedicated to New Movies .  Now you can be in the know of what is coming up.

Do you enjoy reading TV and Movie news?  Want to know the release dates of your favorite series? has all of the latest news to satisfy the tv or movie buff.

They also have the latest reviews on  all of the upcoming seasons you are anticipating.

Looking for information about a particular show?  Just use their search button to discover all of the information about it.

Whether you are looking for Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy or more, has all of the news and reviews you need.

 Spend Less time searching, more time watching.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.


  1. This is great! How funny that we have come to a time where we just don't know what to watch, as opposed to watching whatever came on when you only have 3 channels!

  2. I remember, as a kid, we had 3 channels...maybe 4 on a clear day when nothing interfered with a channel from a nearby city, lol. And yet it's today when I'm more like to complain 'there's nothing on.' Thank goodness for Netflix.


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