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The Best Pet Insurance For Your Cat

I have always had cats in my life and I can tell you honestly that they have many needs, just as we do. 

My cat is like a member of my family to me.  She has been with me for over 10 years.  I treat her as I would treat a daughter.  I make sure she is fed, brushed and given a warm, loving home. Taking care of her and her needs is a priority to all of us in my family.  She relies on me and my family to care for her in ways that she can not care for herself.  We take the role of her caregiver seriously.

Through the years some of my cats have incurred high veterinarian bills due to medical reasons.  I had one cat that seemed to always be in the vets office for one reason or another.  Sometimes the bills would be upwards of $3000 depending on what was needed.  It was a hardship on us, as we were newlyweds and new parents at that time.

I have learned through experience that having the best cat insurance is very important because you never know when unexpected medical issues or emergencies will come around, and the bills can be very expensive. We have medical insurance, so why shouldn't our pets?  Having the best cat insurance helps us to give my cat the best care without worrying about large medical expenses. Some pet insurance policies can even cover routine check ups and vaccinations.  I don't want to have to worry about coming up with the high cost of medical care for my cat.

You may be wondering how to choose the best pet insurance for you cat.  There are a lot of different factors to look at.

Is your pet a pure breed?  If so, you will probably have a high premium policy.  Pure Breed cats are often more prone to hereditary conditions.  Make sure your policy covers them.  Does your pet have an existing condition?    Is your cat elderly?  Has your cat had severe health problems?  These are all questions that should be considered when seeking pet insurance.  In some of these cases, you may be denied.

So who is a good candidate for the best pet insurance?  People with relatively healthy cats.  Look for a well designed policy that will help to give your cat a healthy life.  Look for a policy that will cover high medical costs in case of an emergency.  I get so sad when I hear people say they had to put their pet down because they couldn't afford the medical expenses.  Don't let that happen to you.  I would be devastated if I had to be faced with that decision about my kitty.

There are so many different types of policies and each one has different coverage.  There are Accident Only, Illness Plan, Wellness Plan.  Some of these plans had exclusions and deductibles.

Read about all of the pros and cons about cat insurance and the different types of cat insurance by visiting Meowkai  An educated consumer is the best kind and they give you all of the tools you need t make the best decision for you cat.