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Brainwavz Makes Quality Audio Products and Accessories

I have always been impressed with the quality of Brainwavz Audio equipment.   I have several of their headphone hangers in my home and they are strong and durable.

My son plays video games and would often leave his headphones on the floor after playing.  I found myself tripping over them, so I purchased the Brainwavz headphone holders to keep them up off the floor and in a place where they can be stored, kept clean and be found easily.

The Brainwavz headphone holders come in various styles and can be used anywhere.  

Hengja - metal adustable headphone hanger.  This can be used to store both large and small headphones.  

Truss - This dual headphone hanger is all metal.  It has a strong adhesive 3M VHB™ tape that allows you to adhere them anywhere you would like.  The bond is very strong.  I have a Brainwavz earphone hanger that has this adhesive and it hasn't budged in 2 years.  It is as strong now as it was the day I installed it.

Hooka - Made from die-cast aluminum.  It is also designed to keep headphones safe and secure and in a proper place.  It can hold both small and large headphone bands.  The 3M VHB adhesive holds the Hooka securely in place.  

Blu-300 - Brainwavz also makes earphones, including these wireless Blu-300. These are designed to be worn around the neck with their comfortable neckband.  They are sweatproof and water resistant to IPX7 rating.  They can be worn in any weather.  They are perfect for anyone who has an active lifestyle. They allow the wearer to do what they love without restriction.  Perfect for runners, hikers, commuters, walkers.

Check out my video explaining these products:

Disclosure: I received these Brainwavz products free to review for my honest personal opinion.


  1. I never even thought of headphone holders but that is a great idea. We need some of those.

  2. These sound like nice products. I really need a couple of headphone hangers!


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