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Caring for my Newly Blind Kitty

I have a sweet kitty girl who was adopted at the age of  8 weeks old.  She is now 16 years old.  My husband and I adore her and consider her our little daughter.  She is sweet, content, has always been a calm, loving cat.  She never jumped on counters or furniture, and never scratched anything except her scratchy posts.

Recently, I noticed that she had been acting strange.  She would walk funny and almost seemed confused.  One day I was in my kitchen and talking while facing the living room, a room she never goes in.   She walked right past me and into the living room and sat in the middle of the room.  I called her name and she turned toward me and began to come to me.  She almost walked into the wall.  I looked at her and noticed that her pupils seemed to be dilated and hazy.  I mentioned to my husband that I think the cat had gone blind.  He told me he never heard of a cat going blind.  Honestly, I hadn't either.  The thought never even crossed my mind that a cat could go blind.

I called the vet and we took her in to get examined.  He shined a light into her eyes and got no response, not even a squint.  He then told us that she had gone blind.  He did a bunch of blood tests on her to see if maybe she was diabetic or hypertension, etc.  All the tests came back normal.

I felt so sad for my little girl and worried that she wouldn't adjust.  It made me sad to know that she would never be able to see us or anything around her anymore.  My husband and I talked in depth to the vet to get advice on how to care for our little kitty girl.

The main thing we are doing now is making sure not to rearrange any furniture so that she can create her paths and become familiar with them.   We also are being careful not to make any loud or sudden noises so that she doesn't get startled.  When we approach her, we gently whisper her name and lightly snap our fingers so that she knows that we are there.  Before petting her we also do the same so she doesn't become startled.

It has been a big adjustment for her and us, but she seems to be handling it fine so far.  I did notice she was sleeping a bit more in the beginning, but she seems to be a bit more spunky the past couple of days.

Today I am going to buy her some squeaky and crinkly toys so that she can find them and play a little more.  Our main goal now is to keep her content, enliven her senses and giving her even more loving than we already do. 💗


  1. I am so sad for you and your kitty. She sounds like such a sweet girl!

  2. Awwww I'm so sorry for you but she sounds like such a sweet girl and it is a blessing that she has a good home and parents that will take wonderful care of her! Maybe this will somehow teach you some life lesson and end up being a blessing in disguise. Best of luck to you all!

  3. Thank you Lissa. I think as far as life lessons, my entire 50 plus years has been nothing but them. She is adjusting slowly but well.

  4. Love reading this. It’s a bit sad but I’m glad you and your husband are doing so many great things to help her.


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