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Arcopedico Luana Booties Make my Feet Happy

I have always had foot problems because I am flat footed.  I have suffered with foot and arch pain my entire life, even as a child. Foot pain is a normal occurrence for me.  So, when I find a pair of shoes or boots that I can wear for long periods of time without pain, it makes me very happy. These are those shoes.

Arcopedico Luana booties are part of their LytechⓇ line.   This is a material that is flexible, breathable, and is conforming.  It also is machine washable and water resistant.  So don't be afraid to wear them out in the snow and rain. Arcopedico also has a knit, leather, boot and sandal line.  

For those of you with plantar problems, the Arcopedico line of shoes and booties have  patented metal-free twin arch-support soles that help to protect the foot arch and allow even body weight distribution through the entire plantar surface. This means long lasting comfort to me.

These Arcopedico Luana Booties, make me feet very happy.  They feel like soft slippers and cradle my feet so comfortably.  The booties are a nice lightweight and have a good cushion on the heel.  I tested my Luana Booties out by wearing them the entire day, running errands and going shopping.  Things that usually make my feet extremely achy by the end of the day.  They did great!  My feet felt wonderful all day and I wasn't limping or grabbing for the Advil.  I will definitely be wearing these often.  

Another thing I like about the Arcopedico Luana Booties is the built in arch that is so important for someone like me, who has flat feet, and of course the easy transitioning style. They are simple and stylish and are a perfect go to bootie for jeans or leggings.  They are great to wear from Fall to Spring.

The shoes have a removable insole, so when washing them, you can just pop it out and throw them in the washer and then let dry at room temperature.  

There are many different styles of shoes available from Arcopedico,  and I am hoping to be able to review more in the future so that I can bring them to you because I am so in love with the comfort that I am getting from them.

These booties are available in Burgundy, Grey, Black or Brown.  

Since this post is being written close to Valentine's day, I would like to add that a pair of Arcopedico shoes or booties make a great gift!

Be sure to visit Arcopedico for all of your footwear needs.  Your feet will thank you.

Disclosure:  I received a pair of footwear to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.