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Beginner Friendly WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Are you looking for fast, easy ways to connect with your audience? If you use WordPress, WPForms is a beginner friendly contact form plugin that is perfect for helping you build contact forms that you can use on your website, to help you connect better with your audience.  They make it easy for you to use, no matter what your experience level is.
For those of you that currently use Survey Monkey and would like to make comparisons, here is a list that you can use to make those comparisons:

There are several different factors that you should consider when deciding which types of survey plugins to use.   You want a form that is easy to use, has plenty of built-in features that helps you create unique forms for your website, has great support anytime you need it, is easy to access management and simple integrations that work together with various email service providers, payment services, and of course price is always a factor.  You want something affordable that will give you the most bang for your buck.

So, let me tell you more about WPForms.  It comes with so many built-in features that help you create useful forms with customizable fields.  It has a drag and drop concept that works easily into their templates and gives you everything you need to create and use WordPress forms on your website in a click.
If you use polls and surveys on your sites, WPForms has premium addons that you can use to add them, and can even help you accept online payments if you need to for a business. They have pre-made survey templates, NPS surveys, offer smart survey fields and best-in-class survey reports.
Basically, WPForms is perfect for both simple and complex online forms, and they make it easy for you to do both. It comes with plenty of built-in features for creating smart, yet powerful online forms, has a variety of fields making your forms completely customizable, and cuts down on the time needed to create stunning forms for your website that convert.
Everything is drag and drop with WPForms. Pair this with the pre-made templates available and you have everything you need to create and launch a WordPress form on your site with one single click.
Whether you want to create a simple contact form, gather information or feedback, do comparisons for objective decisions, or a more complex online order form, WPForms makes it easy to do in 7 simple steps.  

1. Create a new form in WordPress
2. Customize the Survey Form Rating Field
3. Customize the Survey Form Likert Scale
4. Enable Survey Reporting
5. Configure Your Survey Form Settings
6. Add Your Survey Form to Your Website
7. Generate Survey Reports

I hope this article helped give you useful information about WPForms and it's benefits. For more information about WPForms visit their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which contains affiliate links.