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Book Review Sky's Amazing Dream

Sky's Amazing Dream is a sweet book about a dog named Sky who dreams of having magical powers to do great things.  His goal is to make other's happy any way he can and to do good for as many people as he can.  He loves to make everyone smile.  Throughout the book Sky visits many people, including the President of the United States who is so proud of Sky and even gives him a ride in his airplane.  This book is a wonderful, uplifting read for any child and teaches them that they are capable of doing great things.

Sky’s Amazing Dream

This is the story of a fun loving Golden Retriever and his phantasmagorical dream. 
Sky is a playful dog who thinks that he’s a boy. He is strong and athletic and sometimes just plain silly. 
He loves to make people happy. He loves to bring joy wherever he goes. He believes in magic and he knows that he has magical powers. Sky’s Amazing Dream shows how a happy dog with a wonderful dream, can turn a dog into a boy, make rocks into gold, meet the President of the United States and make children all over the world happy as pie! 

Yes, Sky is the super hero of a just published children’s book, Sky’s Amazing Dream. But he is also a real dog, the most famous canine of Bedford, New York and truly a Dog Of The World. Best of all, Sky is available for personal appearances, book signings and happy celebrations with kids at bookstores, schools, libraries. 

If you like, Sky will bring his mom and dad (with whom he wrote the book) and they will all read the book to your friends and members. 

A great Valentine’s Day present for children and parents to share before bed: Bestselling author Mark Stevens has written a fun, dog lovingphantasmagorical, sweet children’s book, available on Amazon: “Sky’s Amazing Dream.” It is about his Golden Retriever Sky, whom he lovingly calls the boy. “The ability of dogs to connect emotionally with humans turns out to be the real magic of this sweet little story.” KIRKUS REVIEWS     We have also had a huge response from dog lovers who have read the book to their fur babies. See

One day, Sky dreams really big – of having magical powers (like turning rocks into gold) a movie career and a Hollywood castle, all devoted to making kids happy as pie…Sky visits poor, sick and sad children who don’t have the perks that most kids have, so he uses the gold to buy them video games, Xboxes, flat screen TV’s and best of all they can pay adults to do their homework. Sky’s second magical power is to howl 3 timesand declare, “let the party begin!” Instantly, whomever Sky is visiting, it becomes their birthday and an amusement park appears and a barbecue is prepared for the birthday boy or girl. Sky’s third magical power is making a hot air balloon appear. Every child can go anywhere their hearts desire: to happy times like their Birthday, snow days or summer vacation.

At the dream’s end the imaginative canine just wants to be home in the Big White House with his family.

VISIT:  (Paperback/Kindle Amazon link); $9.48
Twitter: @AmazingSkyDog
For children ages 4-8,

Stevens is quick, witty and charismatica great story tellerbestselling author of “Your Marketing Sucks,” and 25 business books. Stevens is an experienced media guest (TV, Radio and Print/CNBC-TV, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNN International, AP, NPR, NY Post, NY Times, Journal News, Wall Street Journal, etc.) and he has spoken to organizations such as Nike, Oracle, Virgin Air, Estee Lauder, Wharton School of Business, the Culinary Institute, etc.
Mark Stevens LinkedIn has 30k followers:

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book to review.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal opinion.


  1. That's a sweet sounding book with a real life super dog. I can see how kids will love it.


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