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Can One Man Change the World? Matt Redhawk Believes He Can

Some people live their lives categorically, while others strive for more.  Matt Redhawk is one of those others.  

Matt Redhawk has touched on many different passions throughout his life including philanthropy, mentor-ship, producing and entrepreneurship.  He likes to live his life doing the things he enjoys.  Being successful in many different fields has afforded him the opportunity to give back to the communities around him.

One of Matt's passions is making it a priority to help out families and see them become self-sufficient in their own lives.

Matt wrote a book called Drought and Dreams: Stories of Self-Reliance During America's Darkest Times. The book was penned partially from his belief that every person should live off the grid at least once in their life, and also because of his deep knowledge of the Great Depression and experiences of generations before ours.  It is an interesting read. He also writes the Parker series. He has also written various articles on Entrepreneurship and has even written tips on helping female entrepreneurs succeed.  It is obvious through the types of articles that he writes, that he wants to see others succeed as he has in life. 

Another one of Matt's successes is the company My Patriot Supply that he established in December of 2008.    After living in the mountains of North Idaho his experiences there, made him decide to start the company. It is an industry leader in the production of survival and preparedness products.  They offer easy access to everyone so that they can be prepared for anything, anytime.  That dedication has led him to become a prominent figure in his community and also led him to produce several movies including Radioflash, which focuses on living after a natural disaster, and Home, a short movie that touches on similar subjects.  Nowadays Matt enjoys public speaking and inspiring others.  

Matt Redhawk believes that one man can make a small change in the world, and I tend to agree with him.  He has created a website dedicated to helping others follow that path.

One way that Matt is making a difference is through philanthropy.  He has recently gifted a $4,000 scholarship to a young plane builder that wasn't able to afford plane renting fees.  Through his own success, he helps other succeed.    This is just one example of the many ways he has helped young people get the experience and skills that they need to succeed in their own paths.

His selflessness speaks volumes and most of his philanthropic gestures are done without request.  His desire to help others is endless and he is hoping to expand on it even more in the future.  On his blog, he speaks of his desire to promote the welfare of others.  The success that those individuals attain are what brings him the most joy.  He asks for nothing in return.  That gesture speaks volumes to the kind of man that he is.

You can read more about Matt Redhawk, a successful and interesting man, by visiting his blog. There you can learn more about him and his philosophies on philanthropy.