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Convenient Makeup on the Go? Yes Please!

Makeup convenience, come to mama!  This truly is makeup on the go.  This is the Pocket Palette.  It is designed for single use to be taken on the go.  It is so compact, that it fits into the palm of my hand.

Each pocket palette comes with BB Cream, Lip/Cheek color and mini mascara.  It is so awesome!  I have to be honest  If you keep a little baggie in you purse, you can definitely get 2 uses out of it.... I did.

I love the natural colors of the palette.  I am only wearing the makeup for the pocket palette in this picture. I have a little BB cream on.  Then, I put the cheek and lip color on, even added a dab to my forehead, and finally the mascara.  Quick and simple!

Look how simple the pocket palette can slip into my small purse.

Even better, it can even fit into the tiny pocket of my small purse.  It is slim and discreet.  It is perfect for travel, date night, a long evening and can even be stored in your desk drawer at work.  I think they should change the name to Pocket Pal because this is my new best friend! 

You can purchase pocket palette by visiting their website.  It is available in 3 packs, 10 packs, variety packs  and even single packs for those who want to try it out.  

Disclosure:  I received product samples to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.


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