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EasyR Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee Brewer

When I was a little girl, my little Italian grandmother use to make us coffee.  Yes, way back in the day, I was drinking ice coffee from a baby bottle!  Maybe that is why I love coffee so much!  She always used an on stove peculator and the coffee was so rich and flavorful and delicious. 

When I was looking for items to add to my Valentine Gift Guide, I wanted to find stuff that was different than the ordinary.  I received an email about the EasyR Pour Over Coffee Brewer and was immediately intrigued.  My first thoughts went back to my childhood and my grandmother's coffee.

I immediately contacted the PR rep and told them I was very interested in trying it.   They were happy to oblige and sent me one to try.

When the EasyR came I was so excited.  It was nicely boxed with the coffee carafe, filter, lid and even a coozie to keep the coffee warm.  I decided to give it a try right away and I wasn't disappointed.  The manufacturer prefers a medium coffee ground which I had on hand.   I simply added some to the strainer, poured in my hot water and let it do its thing.

The coffee was so rich and delicious. The process of making coffee this way allowed for the flavors to really shine through in the coffee. Clean up was a breeze too.  I prefer to wash my EasyR by hand, but it can easily be placed in the dishwasher.  The accompanying filter is stainless steel and rinses clean easily after placing the used coffee grounds in a safe place for my garden and plants.

I am going to be saving a lot of money by using this.  I normally buy k-cups which are convenient, but there is nothing like a fresh brewed and steeped cup of coffee.

This makes an adorable way to serve coffee to a loved one.  This Valentine's day, the EasyR would make a wonderful gift or addition to your breakfast in bed.

About the EasyR

  • RICHER COFFEE FLAVOR - Unlike traditional K-cup and slow drip coffee machines, the EasyR Pour Over Coffee releases all of the rich and complex flavors of your coffee beans with absolutely no paper aftertaste. Due to the reusable paperless permanent stainless steel filter with dual layer fine mesh strainer, there is nothing to buy or throw away other than the coffee grounds, so it’s better for the planet and your wallet

  • PROTECTIVE OF YOUR POT AND HANDS – The Neoprene custom fit sleeve warmer, along with the sturdy handle and heat-resistant black silicon handle, protects your hands from getting burned when pouring. The cover also provides the appropriate cushioning and strong protection to the glass pitcher

  • NO MORE FRAGILE THIN GLASS - This coffee maker, with its ergonomic timeless design is made of hand blown 3 mm Borosilicate glass which makes it durable with a high heat resistance. It can hold up to 14 oz of liquid which can be used for either hot or cold beverages (not just coffee)

  • INGENIOUS COVER WARMER - This is the only pour over coffeemaker that includes an insulated black neoprene custom fit cozy cover to keep coffee hot. The glass lid also keeps heat in, so your second cup is as hot as the first. Or, if you use the carafe for iced beverages, the cover and lid keep it icy cold

  • MORE LIQUID WITHIN - This unique coffee dripper upper lid enables you to pour and store more liquid than other similar size pour over pots. It comes in a pretty gift box, making it the perfect gift for that special one always looking for the perfect cup of coffee. DON’T COMPROMISE ON LESS THAN 110% SATISFACTION - This is a RISK FREE purchase SALE so order your kit today before the price goes up

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.