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Fluffy Puffies are Here!

Have you heard of Fluffy Puffies?  They are adorable soft and squishy little stuffed animals that look like little puffs of fir and my goodness are they adorable!  They smell really good too! The one I have featured in this post is named Slushy.  Slushy was sent to me to review.

The Fluffy Puffies are available in a rainbow of colors and fit adorably in the palm of you hand, so little ones can hold them securely.  They are so soft and cuddly and fun to groom!

They can even fit into your pocket! Peek a boo!

I love how fluffy they are, and I love their big loving eyes and cute snouts!

The Fluffy Puffies are shaped like a ball, so they can be used to have a fun game of catch too!

Check out this video featuring Fluffy Puffies

Valentine's Day is coming and these make a cute gift!

If you are interested in purchasing Fluffy Puffies, visit 


Fluffy Puffies represent Unity!

Our toys have been CE and ASTM certified. They are safe, non-toxic, and suitable for children ages 3 and up. They smell wonderful and have unique eyes that were custom designed. The blue one is named Moonie, the white one is name Slushy, the pink one is named Gumball, and the purple one is called Purpur.


  1. These are so cute all of my granddaughters would love these. They would like throwing them like a ball.


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