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Knee Socks are So On Trend Right Now

I am obsessed with socks.  I couldn't even begin to tell you how many pairs, lengths and styles I have. One of my favorites are knee socks. Knee socks are super cute and very on trend.  They look fantastic with boots and Mary Jane shoes and are really sexy.  They look adorable paired with a long jersey or mini skirt.  The uses for knee socks are endless.   They are perfect for keeping feet warm and dry on cold and rainy days.

Chrissy's socks has the most adorable knee socks for any occasion! Here are some fun ideas to help you find the perfect sock for you! They are made right here in the USA!

Colorful striped knee socks look absolutely adorable when paired with a low boot. You can even match up 2 different pair on top of one another to go with an entire unique look.

Funky and striped socks add fun and whimsy to a boring day or atmosphere. Where them to cheer yourself up when you're feeling down.  They are great for a fun and energetic personality too.  Dare to be different!

I love how cute these pink striped over the knee socks are.  They are so perfect to wear with a boyfriend tee or daisy dukes.  This is definitely my style!  They are even cute for cheerleaders.  I am going to be honest right here.  I am going to order these after I write this post.

Girl's night out and sleep overs are so much more fun with great party and get together ideas.  Have a funky knee sock night and pair your socks up with cute outfits.  Funky socks make great gifts too.

Chrissy's socks

Knee socks are perfect accessories to costumes.  Use them at Halloween parties, stage performances, expo shows and more!

costume socks

Chrissy's socks has so many patterns, colors, and styles to choose from.  There is bound to be many styles that you will want to own.  I know I do!

Are you looking for fun ways to wear your knee socks?  Chrissy's socks has over 150 outfit ideas for you to use!  They make wearing your knee socks even more fun! 

Check out these fun styles! (Click photos for socks)





Don't see the colors or style socks you are looking for on the site?  That's okay.  Chrissy's socks takes custom orders so you can get EXACTLY what you are looking for!

Read what all these past happy customers have said about Chrissy's socks.


  1. I'm sock obsessed too and my family knows that socks are my favorite thing to get. I am absolutely loving the knee socks with the pink stripes too and that I can customize my socks, I'm in heaven for sure!

  2. Yes! I love knee socks! These are super cute too. I like the patterns!


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