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Learn to Sew in the Comfort of Your Own Home

My grandmother was a professional seamstress.  Every Sunday when we would visit her, I would make my way down to her basement where she had two huge professional sewing machines set up in her basement.  Therem she and my mother would sit for hours, sewing coat linings.  I use to love it when she would give me the opportunity to sit and run material through the machines.  It gave me sense of accomplishment.

Every Halloween she and my mother use to make our costumes.  They even made our class play costumes for school.  We always had the best costumes in the classroom, at least I always thought so.  My prettiest costume was a ballerina costume she made for my sister and I.  She made me a flapper costume one year as well.  I think that one was my very favorite.  It was red satin with tulle.  She even made me a red tulle hair piece with a beautiful red rose in it.

As I got older I never lost my passion for making things.  I took a sewing class in grammar school once and was the only person in my class to complete their project.  It was an apron that I made for my grandmother.  It was so pretty.  I remember it as if I made it yesterday.  It was white with pretty flowers on it and had pleats and a big pocket.   She loved that apron and wore it all of the time.

Sewing is so relaxing and there are so many great things you can do with the knowledge of sewing.  You can make you own clothing, make curtains, cushion covers and pillows for your home, make beautiful blankets and crafts and so much more.  You can even hem and repair your clothing and items in your home.  Hey, if you get good enough, you can even start a side job!

Teach you to sew is a website that is designed to give you step by step lessons in sewing.  There are so many great tips and money saving solutions too.  Don't worry if you've never sewed before.  This site was made for you too!  There you can learn topics such as:

Sewing Essentials Gives an introduction to sewing
Sewing Machines Explains the best sewing machines available
Sewing Rooms  Gives a guide to setting up your own sewing room
Sewing Help   Self explanatory - Gives sewing help
Fabric Talks about different types of fabric, what to look for, where to buy, etc

If you are interested in learning about sewing basics, this site is a great place to start.  Take a tour and pick up some great tips about sewing.  Be sure to tell your friends about it too.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.


  1. Thanks for introducing us to this site. I'm just getting back into sewing and I'm sure it will be very helpful.

  2. Love to sew! Made mosst of my girls clothes and now sewing quilts~

  3. I'm definitely not great at sewing. I can thread a needle and make minor repairs, lol. I need better sewing skills.

    1. I do too. I sewed a little when I was younger but could definitely use a refresher

  4. Thanks a ton! I have a sewing machine in my closet I have never used!

    1. This is the perfect time of year for it! Make some holiday hand towels to use in home or give as gifts. They are always a favorite. Get some inexpensive hand towels and lace to create the perfect hostess gift.

  5. I would love to learn to sew. I have made pillows. I want to learn to make lots of different items.

  6. I need to learn how to sew. Thank you for posting this. I work with a 92 year old room and she has a sewing room that has everything you can imagine. She has even made her own curtains, towels, wedding dress.

  7. These are amazing resources for learning to sew. Thanks for sharing!


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