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New York City Off the Beaten Track

Everyone knows New York for their major attractions, including The Empire State building, The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and so on.  There is so much more to New York than those travel sites and Porter 24 wants you to see it all.

(Photo Source: Porter24)

Porter 24 is a digital concierge and hospitality technology solution that serves as a direct connection between hotel guests and custom experiences that they are seeking during travel.  If you are looking for a more authentic, unique, fly under the radar experience that is only known to locals, Porter 24 can create it for you.

Here is an example of some of the top unexpected, and possibly unknown to most, tourist attractions in New York City that you can check out on your next trip:

1. Bolthouse No. 1

  • This fort's ruins remain a hidden treasure at one of Central Park's highest peaks.
  • This just may be the most famous subway grate in the world.  It remains unmarked, but can be found on the southwest corner of Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street.

3. Grand Central Ceiling Dark Patch

  • Grand Central is often a site to be seen for tourists visiting NYC.  What often goes unnoticed in the station is the small dark patch that is located on the West Balcony's ceiling.  This patch is a reminder of the era when smoking indoors was routine.
These are just a few of hundreds of different experiences that you can create with Porter24.  Check out this Porter24 demo to see a video that explains how Porter24 can help you create your own unique experience.

Porter 24 from Blue Barn Creative on Vimeo.

Porter24 can currently be found in the following areas:

The next time you are in one of these areas, check out Porter24 and create a unique vacation experience during your stay and see the area the way locals do!  Happy travels!


  1. These are really neat ideas that most visitors would never think of. I like this idea.

  2. Very cool. Wish I knew about that when we visited NYC a few years ago!

    1. Its in the area of the WTC. Alot of people dont even realize its there.

  3. This is awesome. I would love to visit them.

  4. This is interesting, I know I would love to go to New York, I should I only live hours away.

    1. You should go! Its an interesting place to visit.

  5. We are going on our 1st and probably only visit to NYC together for one of our anniversaries this May! (I say our only visit because there are so many places we want to travel to it is rare for us to go to a place more than once, my husband has been to NYC but not since the 80s and I've never been there.) The biggest thing we are doing for sure is going The Cher Show on Broadway which I'm SUPER excited about, but I've been looking for websites as this one you shared with us because since it will be our only visit we want to be sure to visit and do the things we will love and enjoy the most, I don't care if they are the most typical ones - I want to also know about ones that are NOT typical but may even be more fun or cooler or unique. Thanks for sharing! I'll be looking into this more!


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