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Nurdz is a Great Edutainment Game for the Entire Family

I would like to tell you about a game that is much more than just a game, it is a fun educational way for children to learn and practice what they learn through play.

This is Nurdz, the family "edutainment" game developed by Alex Miles.  Nurdz can be learned in 3 minutes and  is designed to teach children to interact with one another while learning.  Not only that, but it also provides simple exercises, learning the alphabet, consonants, vowels,  shapes and colors all while trying to spell our NURDZ.

It is a great game for developing self growth, while enjoying endless laughs with all who play.  It is perfect for family game night and a great learning game for teachers and parents.

Incorporated into the deluxe edition of the game are Asana Yoga cards. Theses cards are simply illustrated to teach beginner yoga moves aka Nurdzana. 

In the regular edition, players are encouraged to get up and move with basic and fun exercise movements as shown below.

Nurdz is currently being  promoted on KickStarter in hopes of building its development to a mass market.  

If you're interested in supporting the development of this boardgame and learning more about it, visit the Nurdz Kickstarter Page

About Nurdz:

Disclosure:  I received a copy of the Nurdz game to enjoy with my family.


  1. I think kids would really enjoy this. And if they're having fun, they're much more likely to keep learning.

  2. What a fun game! There are no young children in our family right now, but this is a great gift idea for friends with young kiddos!


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