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Set a Romantic Mood this Valentine's Day with Goose Creek Candles

Sugar Plum Candle

When most people think of Valentine's day they mainly think of candy, flowers and dinner.  All of those are nice, but putting a little more thought into a romantic evening can make your Valentine's day over the top!

You can create a perfect romantic setting with candles.  Candles not only create a romantic ambiance, but the scents you choose can make the atmosphere perfect for your special loved one and the mood you want to set. 

I spoke with the experts over at Goose Creek Candles and asked them which scents they felt would create the perfect romantic atmosphere for Valentine's day.  These were their suggestions:

About this fragrance:
Lose your inhibitions and watch your wildest dreams come to life. A dreamy blend of elegant spices, warm vanilla and soft woods.

About this fragrance:
A forbidden kiss creates a dreamy evening.

About this fragrance:
Warm golden amber is illuminated by a magical crescent moon.

About this fragrance:
The simple yet heavenly scent of a romantic red rose. Experience the fragrance of this beloved classic.

About this fragrance:
Relax at home as the cool harvest rain falls. Enjoy this warm and relaxing aroma that is perfect for welcoming family and friends.

i hope these scent suggestions can help you create the perfect Valentine setting for you and your loved ones.

Check out Goose Creek candles for all of your candle needs.  They have a full line of scents for all occasions, holidays and events.  Their candles make great gifts, are perfect for party favors and make any house feel like a home.

For more information about Goose Creek candles, visit their website.

Disclosure:  I received candles to review for this post.