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Your Best Home: 5 x spaces x 5 design steps = a better life by Joe Snell

Are you looking for ways to improve your life and home? Your Best Home: 5 x spaces x 5 design steps = a better life by Joe Snell is a wonderful book filled with beautiful photography.  This book serves as a guide to helping you apply and get the best use of the five fundamental factors in home design: Space, Air, Light, View and Sound.  It also focuses on the main living areas: Living Room, Entry way or Foyer, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom.

Joe Snell, a professional architect,  has written this beautiful step by step guide to show you how to achieve renewed inspiration in your home and how to achieve a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life through proper fundamentals.

Our homes are where we spend the majority of our lives, and optimizing its use and functions can make for smarter living.

The first thing that caught my eye when I opened this book was the beautiful photography.  A lot of that beauty was enhanced by the amount of natural light that surrounded the rooms in the photos.

This book provides the tools and information to help make positive changes in our lives, at our own pace and on our own budget. It is broken down into chapters that focus on the different elements of the home and explains ways to improve or enhance those elements.   Big beautiful photos draw me into each page as I learn new ways to improve my surroundings.

One of the other things that I noticed about the photos in the book was how organized the rooms in the photos were and how uncluttered they were.  They were very serene and relaxing to look at and that is the kind of home I want.

Another great thing about this book is how it talks about space and how to get the most of it through layering and reconnecting with it.  The author also speaks about the Air and Scent and how to bring the world outside into our home.

This book brings about positive changes that are inspiring.  It is the perfect tool and information for making positive changes in your home living area.

This truly is a wonderful book and makes a great coffee table book as well.

About the author:

Joe Snell studied at the University of Sydney and the Royl Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.  He is a registered architect and host of the reality TV show House Rules.


  1. It sounds like it would be really useful to have when trying to decorate or remodel. I like the basic concept.


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