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datAshur PRO Provides USB with Extra Protection to Protect Your Data

Keeping my data secure is my number one priority when I am saving my data to my USB.  datAshur PRO from helps me to do that with its Secure Pin system and  military grade AES-XTS full disk hardware encryption.

There is no software or drivers needed to use this USB.  It works on all operating systems and platforms, has an unattended auto-lock feature, is tamper evident and resistant.  It is available in 4GB-64GB models.  

The first thing that caught my attention to the datAshur PRO was the fact that it has that added pin protection.  Think about it, if you lose your average USB, your information on it is vulnerable.  Anyone can plug it in and retrieve the data on it.  With the datAshur PRO, if you lose it, the data can not be retrieved without the pin.  The USB is designed so that after 10 attempts at the pin code, the USB will completely reset and all data on it is cleared.  So, if it is stolen or lost, chances are the data on it will never be retrieved.  The internal components of this drive has tamper resistant components that are surrounded by resin.  It would be impossible to open it and try to take out the memory chip without breaking them.  This gives me peace of mind.

The USB's case is specially designed to snugly secure the USB and is completely waterproof.  

When you first use the datAshur PRO, you will required to create a code between 7 and 15 digits in length.  After creating the pin, you can then use the USB as normal.  

As far as saving speed, the datAshur PRO has a respectable speed of about 48 MB/s .  The read speed is about 111 MB/s.

If you handle sensitive and confidential data and use a USB drive as backup, this is worth checking out and investing in. The datAshur PRO can be laser etched with your loved one’s name on the case and should you want to, you can even include a loving message!

The datAshur PRO makes a great gift for the professional in your life.  There is also a personal model available.

Check out my video review

Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.

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  1. It's certainly impressive that it has military grade encryption. It sounds like it would get the job done!


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