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Delicious Low Carb Snacks from Just The Cheese

Just the Cheese snacks have one ingredient.... cheese! If you are looking for delicious, wholesome snacks to fit into your low carb lifestyle I recommend Just the Cheese.

When my husband and I started our low carb lifestyle. We were wondering what kind of snacks we could have, when we wanted one. I like crunchy snacks and was missing them.  My husband reached out to his doctor friend, and he mentioned Just the Cheese snacks. 

Ironically within a week or so, I was approached to try the exact snack that he recommended, so of course I jumped on the chance!

These snacks are available in two different forms, crackers, and minis. There are several different flavors to choose from including Mild Cheddar, Aged Cheddar, Grilled Cheese, Jalapeno Cheese, Garlic and Chives Cheese, White Cheddar,  and Wisconsin Cheddar.

After giving these a try, my feelings are that I am so glad I tried them! These snacks are packed with the delicious cheese flavor and I love them all!  They give me the satisfaction of chips, without the guilt.  

I have always been a huge cheese lover, so these are perfect for me.  I also love the variety.

If you are looking to purchase Just the Cheese, these snacks can be purchased individually or in sampler packs that feature a variety of flavors.  They are a great way to try them all!

You can purchase Just the Cheese snacks directly from their website or on Amazon!  They are also available in some retail

I love that these snacks are low in calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium and carbs.  They are also packed with 5 grams of protein.  They are a satisfying in between meas, on the go snack.

If you are looking for a good crunchy, cheese snack without any added junk, check out Just the Cheese. 

March Madness is around the corner—you want to be game ready with your favorite ice-cold beverage and your new go-to snack -- Just the Cheese®.

Just the Cheese® is 100% Wisconsin cheese baked into bars and mini bites.  They are naturally low in carbs, gluten-free and only 75 calories per bar. While most “cheese crisps” are air-dried, Just the Cheese® is oven baked, caramelizing the cheese which results in a cheesier flavor and crunchier texture. Perfect to crunch into as you’re rooting for your favorite college team.

The bars are available in the following flavors:
  • Aged Cheddar
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Mild Cheddar (NEW flavor!)

The minis are available in the following flavors:
  • White Cheddar
  • Wisconsin Cheddar
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Garlic & Chive

Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.  This post contains affiliate links.


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