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Express Yourself with Art and Alchemy Custom Created Waistbeads: Transformational Adornments

This Valentine's Day surprise your sweetheart with customized waistbeads aka Goddess beads from Art and Alchemy.  These Transformational Adornments are so beautiful.  Each one is hand-created, artistic and meaningful pieces of jewelry that can also be used on the wrist.

These beautiful glass beads reinforce and affirm the greatest part of who you are- Spirit.  These pretty, fashionable beads are a beautiful way to express your love this Valentine's day.  

So, you may be asking what waistbeads aka Goddess beads are.  They are exactly what the name implies.  They are beautiful beaded strands that are worn around the waist.  They are handcrafted from a variety of materials, including, glass beads, metal beads, or stones.  

Traditionally, these were worn as a form of lingerie. Women would layer these vibrant attractants to create beautiful patterns, and stimulate appeal. These adornments were usually tailored for the wearer which aided in her confidence. Confidence is one hundred percent connected to how sexy someone feels. 

I received a beautiful pair of waistbeads aka Goddess beads, that were custom created with some of my favorite colors. 

I am so in love with how they came out. You can see the time and attention that was put into the intricacy of these waistbeads.  

Mine came boxed in a pretty white tin, adorned with a pink heart.  

To learn more about our waistbeads: 

To purchase your own beautiful, custom made, waistbeads, visit:  There are some premade styles that can be purchased on the site as well.

Art and Alchemy also makes other items such as charms, earrings and bracelets.  You can see their collection by visiting

Disclosure:  I received a set of Goddess beads to review.  All opinion expressed are my own.