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Fun New Collectibles from Radz and Bulls i Toys

I had such a great time at New York Toy Fair and will be bringing you some of the products I saw at the booths on the showroom floor.  Some products are in the market now, but some won't be released until Spring or Fall.

If you see a product you are interested in, let me know and I can get more information for you.

Today's products are from Radz and Bulls i Toy.  They have a lot of fun products that are perfect for every day use, gift baskets, stocking stuffers and party favors.  Here are some of my favorites!

Mini Bows are the perfect accessory and the best part is the pack splits in half - you get one bow for you and one to share with your BFF! Each colorfully designed blind bag comes with two clip-on stylish bows that add just the right amount of fashionista to your daily outfits! These cute accessories are available in various styles and colors from some of the hottest licenses - you’ll want to collect them all!

Licenses Available: JoJo Siwa (Available Now) LOL Surprise! (Available Now), and Pikmi
Pops (Q2 2019)
MSRP: $4.99
Ages: 3+
Retail Location: Target

Bulls i Toy Mini Tins are collectible and colorful canisters for anyone who loves a good surprise.
Each tin comes full of secret accessories and goodies that are great for adding some fun to your
day. Not knowing what’s inside adds more excitement to the experience!
Licenses Available: LOL Surprise! (Available Now), JoJo Siwa (Q2 2019), Fingerlings (Q2
2019), Pikmi Pops (Q2), Baby Shark (Q2), and Marvel (Available Now)
MSRP: $4.99
Ages: 5+
Retail Location: Target

Your favourite characters have been Ooshed! Add some extra fun and excitement to your
writing with Ooshies Pencil Toppers. Each Ooshies blind bag includes a collectible figure of
some of your favorite characters. Collect them all for endless Ooshies filled fun!
Licenses Available: Harry Potter (Available Now), DC Universe (Available Now), Dreamworks
(Q1), Care Bears (Q2), and WWE (Q3)
MSRP: $2.99
Ages: 5+
Retail Location: Target

Straighten them out and Slap them on your wrist to create a cute-stylish bracelet. The Bulls i
Toy Slap Bands and additional charms make for great collectibles and are suited perfectly for
everyday wear and individual style! All charms are interchangeable so the more you collect the
more you can mix and match!
Licenses Available: LOL Surprise! (Available Now), Paw Patrol (Available Now), JoJo Siwa
(Available Now), and Baby Shark (Q2 2019)
MSRP: $3.99-$5.99
Ages: 5+
Retail Location: Target

Squish’Ums are the squishy you didn’t know were missing in your life! Each Squish’Ums pack
includes a super soft, scented, uniquely designed slow-rising foam squishy and a checklist to
keep track of your growing collection. With so many cute and colorful designs available, we
know you will want to collect them all!
Lines Available: Pet Boutique (Available Now), Skulls (Available Now), Yummy (Available
Now), Poo Pets (Available Now), and WWE (Q1 2019)
MSRP: $4.99-$5.99
Ages: 6+
Retail Location: Target

Radz is introducing an exciting new product format called 3in1 Surprise to its popular candy
dispenser lineup! Each Radz 3in1 Surprise blind box comes with a 0.7 oz pack of delicious
candy, a pop-out collector card, and either a charm bracelet or mini figure surprise!

This adorable new product has already launched its Smooshy Mushy line, with other licenses
including JoJo Siwa, Secret Life of Pets 2 and PAW Patrol coming down the pipeline in 2019.

Radz expands its portfolio of brands with the launch of their new collectible, squishy foam, toy, candy dispensers called Foamz. Radz Foamz are based off the popular slow rise foam trend! These fun collectible foam toy dispensers are easy to squish and come with a tasty treat! Each Radz Foamz character comes with a 0.7oz pack of delicious Radz candy, a colorful poster and collectors' booklet. Radz candy is gluten-free, peanut-free, and kosher certified, making it safe for everyone to enjoy.

To operate, pull bottom tab and fill with candy! Collect all Radz Foamz toy characters from your favorite licenses including Sponge Bob, Hatchimals, Secret Life of Pets 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more!

Radz high impulse, trend driven, collectible line of toy candy dispensers is launching new
and exciting licenses throughout the year including PAW Patrol, Smooshy Mushy, Pikmi Pops, Hatchimals and more! Each classic Radz dispenser comes with a mouth-watering 0.7 oz fruity pack of exclusive candy and a mini character poster! Radz candy is gluten-free, and peanut-free, making it safe for everyone to enjoy!

To operate, pull the character's hair back and the tongue pops out with candy! All Radz
hair and hats are interchangeable so as fans collect more Radz, they can mix and match to create their own unique characters!

Add a little rainbow magic to your wrist with Unicorn Cutie Cuffs. Take these enchanted
creatures with you wherever you go! With 8 huggable friends to collect, you’re going to want to
collect them all!
Series Available: Series 1: Unicorn (Available now) and Series 2: Sloths (TBD)
MSRP: $4.99
Ages: 3+

Retail Location: Target

The classic trading card gets a Bulls i Toy twist! These fun blind packs let you trade and collect
various fan favorites in stylish designs like foil, pop-up, and even glitter! Each pack includes a
set of uniquely-designed speciality trading cards for various licenses!
Licenses Available: LOL Surprise! (Available Now), Pikmi Pops (Available Now), Fingerlings
(Available Now), and Hello Neighbor (Q3)
MSRP: $2.99-$4.99
Ages: 5+
Retail Location: Target

Visit Bulls i Toy on Amazon
Visit Radz on Amazon


  1. These all look like contenders for next Christmas. The smaller ones would be great stocking stuffers.


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