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Is There Anyhing More Luxurious Than Satin ?

Who doesn't want a little luxury in their life? We all like to pamper ourselves every now and then.  A simple product like satin pillow cases from Savvy Sleepers can give you the luxury you deserve at an affordable price. 

These beautiful pillow cases are so smooth and comfy.  I love sleeping on satin.  It is so soft and dreamy.

The Savvy Sleeper pillow cases are well made with durable stitching.  They come in a rainbow of beautiful colors to match any room.  These products are hypo-allergenic and vegan. Did I mention they are also machine washable? Yes, they are! But, please air dry!

You can see the quality of the pillow throughout.  It even has a secret pocket for sachet or whatever else you want to stash in there.  Maybe a mint or love note.  Maybe even your secret chocolate stash....just sayin.....

Savvy Sleepers also makes other items, including these super comfortable satin scrunchies!  They are designed to minimize breakage. They are embossed with the Savvy Sleeper logo and are available in various colors. 

If you order these for your Valentine, be sure to use gift code VDAY19 for a Bonus Valentine Gift!

About Savvy Sleepers

Savvy Sleepers are the brain-child of Dale Janée - columnist and lifestyle blogger Savvy Spice. After growing up in Northern California's wine country, with straw-like hair, she took off to techville in the Bay Area. Working full time in San Francisco, blogging until 3 am, and dating drama was taking a toll on her hair and skin. Her Aunt Jean - a hairstylist - recommended sleeping on a satin pillow case. "It's healthier for your hair and will keep it from breaking so much," she said.
After one night, she woke up feeling refreshed. Her skin felt younger, crease-free, and her hair was smoother and more manageable. 'Why aren't we all sleeping on satin?' she thought, as she set out to design the best. Savvy Sleepers launched in Fall '12 and Dale lived in Switzerland (her pretend Swiss dream house pictured above) with her husband and new baby, Wilhelmina for 3 years. They are newly relocated to Dallas, Texas. Sales superstar & Marketing Director, Brittany aka SavvyBrit, is based in the San Francisco headquarters.
Each pillow case is 100% pure satin - the highest quality polyester blend and stitching - now sold in 7 rich shades. Recommended for anti-aging and preventing split ends, Savvy Sleepers are available in salons, blow dry bars and online worldwide!
A beauty secret rediscovered and the anti-aging luxury we all deserve. Order Yours Today.

Disclosure: I received product to review for my honest opinion.