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Let Teleflora Send Personalized Bouquets to Your Sweetheart(s)

Teleflora has a beautiful line of Valentine bouquets that are reasonably priced and ready for delivery.  

This year, I was asked to select a beautiful arrangement for Valentine's day.  I decided to let my son select an arrangement for his sweetheart.  He chose the Sterling Love Bouquet.   I asked him why he chose that one and he said he liked the silver vase, the assortment of flowers in the bouquet and the grandeur of the arrangement.  

The flowers were delivered today and I will tell you that his girl is going to be floored when she sees how gorgeous they are.  

When the flowers arrived, they were secured in a box with wrapping to protect the flowers.

Each of the flowers were so healthy and beautifully bloomed.  Look at all of the different flowers that are in the bouquet we received:

I love when I receive arrangment with flowers that are ready to bloom.  I know it means that they are fresh.

Even the greenery is beautiful in this arrangement.

The vase is so beautiful and elegant in design.  I love the sleek, silver. It is so classy.

Look at how beautiful the Sterling Love Bouquet looks on my living room table.  I couldn't resist getting a stunning photo of the arrangement in all of it's beauty.

You can order the Sterling Love Bouquet or other beautiful Valentine arrangements on the Teleflora website.  The process to order is easy. There are step by step directions.  You can even order by phone by dialing 800-493-5610.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Teleflora.  All opinions expressed are my own personal opinions based on my experience with this delivery. Your opinion may differ.

Visit my Valentine Gift Guide to see the Teleflora tab


  1. Those are so gorgeous. It is extremely rare when I get flowers.


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