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Longstem Helps You to Organize Your Home

If you are looking for smart, simple and well thought out ways to organize your home, look no further than Longstem Organizers.    

Longstem helps to keep the products and accessories that you need, at your fingertips, so that you can easily find and choose what you are looking for.

There are organizers for men, women and pets.  Each organizer comes with everything that you need for proper installation, and each is simple to install and use.

Here are a list or available organizers along with descriptions.


Often pet products never really have a place to be organized in homes.  This Pet Organizer provides ample space for food, treats, medications, grooming supplies, brushes, toys, etc.

  • Stylish and convenient, the Pet Organizer stores and holds all your pet’s walking accessories (leashes, harnesses, flashlight, treats, toys, dog coat and waste bags). It can also store and display grooming tools such as tooth brush and paste, hair brush, comb, nail clipper, shampoo, grooming wipes, hairball remedies, cat food, vitamins and medicines. 
  • Keep all items in one place, making it easy to get out the door fast and efficiently. You know how impatient your pets can be when it’s time for their walk!
  • Space Saver: This unique organizer will be a great addition to your home, creating extra floor space while helping you store and display your everyday pet essentials.
  • Easy assembly required: Package contains the two (2) piece storage organizer racks, a removable plastic tray with 4 compartments for extra storage two (2) over the door brackets and two (2) wall mounts, (mounting screws and anchors are included).
  • Hang on an entrance hall wall, over any door or inside a closet.
  • Two top hooks are for leashes and keys. Five bottom hooks are for clothes, toys and collars. Two large racks for your special treats and chewy bones for your dog or kitty treats, food, catnip, etc…
  • Personalize the top royal crown round photo frame section of the organizer with your pet photo. Magnets not included.
  • Constructed of heavy duty powder-coated steel. 
  • Quality product. Lifetime warranty.

  • Displays your jewelry so you can see all your jewelry in a glance.
  • Provides easy accessibility to earrings, bracelets, watches, ankle bracelets, rings, pins and necklaces.
  • Constructed of heavy duty, powder-coated steel.
  • Easy assembly required.
  • Hangs on a bedroom wall over any door, inside a closet or even behind your clothes using included brackets.
  • Package contains the two (2) piece organizer unit, two (2) wall mounts, two (2) over-the-door bracket mounts for hanging incl. the screws and anchors, and the removable plastic tray for extra storage. Can be used for hair accessories, glasses, keys, scarves and belts.

Check out this video describing the Longstem Jewelry Organizer:


  • 23 non-slip coated tie rack hooks – holds up to 69 ties
  • 4 non-slip coated multiple belt hooks – holds up to 20 belts
  • 6 multiple-purpose hooks used to organize watches, rings, keys, etc.
  • Durable 4 partition plastic tray – can be used for loose change, cuff links, glasses, etc.
  • 7 compartment rack used to organize and store cell phones, chargers, wallets, etc.
  • 10 top row multipurpose hooks for keys, rings, caps, etc.


The Corner Organizer has a total of 22 hooks and consists of 3 racks connected to a tension. pole. Earring rack holds over 75 pairs of earrings 10 hooks for approximately 50 rings or favorite pieces. One rack with 6 bracelet hooks. Can hold over 40 bracelets. One rack with 6 necklace hooks. Can hold over 40 necklaces
  • Displays your jewelry so you can see all your jewelry in one glance.
  • Provides easy accessibility to earrings, bracelets, watches, ankle bracelets, rings, pins and necklaces.
  • Constructed of heavy duty, powder coated steel.
    Includes an easy to assemble tension pole and mounting brackets.
  • Tension pole works easily for ceilings up to 8’2″ high.
  • Racks are adjustable to your preferred height.
  • If you don’t wish to use tension pole, includes brackets that allow the pole to be fastened to a corner wall, or just about anywhere.
  • Color: white

  • Color: Bronze
  • All jewelry can be seen at once, nothing hidden.
  • Provides easy access to earrings, bracelets, watches, ankle bracelets, rings, pins and necklaces.
  • Constructed of sturdy, powder coated steel.
  • No assembly required.
  • Mounts on a wall, door or any flat vertical surface.
    Package contains the Organizer unit, stand, one wall mount, three screws and wall anchors.
  • Can be used on the Stand or can hang on a wall


Do you have a smaller collection or want multiple units to store and display your jewelry? These organizers are for you!!! Our wall mounted organizers are made of the same heavy-duty powder coated steel as their bigger sisters. Each has a big earring storage rack with plenty of hooks for your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and all your other jewelry accessories.
Star earring rack holds over 30 pairs of earrings. Six hooks for rings, hair accessories (pony wraps, scuncis etc.). Two large 21″ rods. One bracelet rod holds over 30 bracelets. One necklace rod holds over 30 necklaces.
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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.


  1. This is something I really need to work on. Great products!

  2. (Longstem Helps You to Organize Your Home) These organizer sound really nice to have here in our home. I really like that jewelry one a lot.

  3. These look really nice. They not only offer an organized space for your stuff, they look really nice, too.


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