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Q&A with Vishion’s Samantha Smith on the Future of Color Search Online

Sam Smith is one of the founders of Vishion, using her startup, business development and sales experience to lead her team to create the first color-focused mobile app.

What is the future of color?

When I started Vishion, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a way to search for products by color online. Perfecting color search is just the beginning. Vishion is working on ways to help through the entire design experience, leveraging color to help inspire our users and feel more confident in their product selections. 

What is color search, and how does color matching work?

Vishion is the first color search mobile application to assist shoppers in finding décor, furniture, paint and fabric across brands. We are exploring how color can be used to help design professionals and enthusiasts through ideation and planning.

How can your technology enable interior designers and consumers to match purchases online with a particular color?

Users will be able to pull a color from an image and use popular color identifiers, like a Sherwin-Williams paint color or Hex value, to instigate a search.

We are working with organizations to help designers search custom or trade products to save time and examine options more quickly. Currently, 68 percent of interior designers say it takes at least an hour to search by color online.

Over the next year we will be working with retailers to improve the accuracy of their product’s color data, as well as work with partners to give Vishion users confidence in their digital color search and selections.

Why is color an important part of design?
Color is the heart of design. It has the ability to tie completely different objects into one cohesive plan. Color has the ability to make a tiny room feel bigger or a large room feel more intimate. Those who are particular about the way a room should come together have expectations for the color, texture and quality of the items they purchase. Our goal is to make it easier to narrow down a product, fabric and paint hunt by improving the color search experience.

How important is color to consumers?
Color is one of the key drivers of selecting a product. According to the Color Marketing Group, 85 percent of consumers say color is the primary reason for selecting a certain product. Of the shoppers we [Vishion] surveyed, 55 percent have abandoned a purchase due to color matching struggles. In addition, 47 percent of shoppers have returned an item due to color inaccuracies.

What is like to be the first to offer color search?
It’s exciting to explore uncharted territory, but there is a reason it hasn’t been done before. Color is extremely challenging. There are a lot of factors that go into matching colors online. Product images are unreliable and lighting can change the way colors appear. We are innovating methods to fix these issues and working with retailers to bridge data gaps, as well as building partnerships to become the most reliable resource to search by color.

What is it like to create a color-focused startup in Charlotte?
Starting a company is really challenging. Navigating a totally new way of shopping online is hard too. Being in Charlotte, we don’t necessarily have the resources of Silicon Valley.

One thing we do have that’s unique? North Carolina is home to some of the largest textile and furniture creators in the country. Every six months  High Point, North Carolina hosts the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 design enthusiasts and professionalsThis is a great place to be when it comes to having your finger on the pulse of décor.

We are excited to create and grow a company in the Queen City.  

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