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Quick and Easy Form Landing Pages in WordPress from WPForms

WPForms Landing Pages

Could your business use higher form conversions? 

Imagine having your visitors find themselves on a standalone site 
after landing on the form page! They can’t be distracted because there’s nothing else to see. 

Instead, they’ll be hyper-focused on the specific action they need to take: log in to a membership site, register for a subscription, fill out a survey, enter a contest or whatever task you design. 

Basically, WPForms offers the ability to display any type of form on its very own landing page which will strengthen the call to action and boost conversions. No other form solution offers a feature like this.

Check out the Form Pages Demo

Creating distraction-free forms in WordPress is not an easy task.  One of the biggest challenges is that all the form layouts are controlled by WordPress themes that don't prioritize layouts.  Because of this, a lot of WordPress users started using Google Forms to create their standalone forms, which wasn't really ideal.  

WPForms created Form Pages by WPForms so that they could create a distracion free form landing page builder for WordPress, which can help you improve your form conversions.  This allows you to create dedicated form landing pages, quickly, without having to hire a developer and can be used in less than 5 minutes.  

To create the custom landing page for any WordPress forms, you just have to enable the Form Page Mode in the Form Settings. It is that simple! 

Quick and Easy Form Landing Pages in WordPress

You can even add your logo, description and a custom title while defining the landing page URL.  There are two styles to choose from, Modern or Classic.
Classic Style - Gives you the exact look and feel of Google Forms.
Modern Style - Allows you to bring your form into 2019.
You can even combine the two styles with the pre-made color schemes that are available.  There are six in all.  However, if you want to build a custom color, you can do that as well by selecting the main color and having WPForms generate other color gradients to match your color scheme. Once this is done you simply save it and are ready to share your custom landing page.
You can even combine your custom landing pages with other WPForms features such as their payment and marketing integrations, smart surveys, user registration, etc.  This option is available in the WPForms Pro plan.
You can visit the WPForms website to get started with WPForms Pro today.
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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.