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The Pipsticks+Workman Line is Underpinned by the Power of Stickers

Stickers have so many fun uses and have been growing in popularity lately.  They are great for scrapbooking, calendars, letters, crafting, collecting and more!  They are often used as rewards for children and are used by teachers for student papers.

They make great gifts for teachers, crafters, parents and children.  This Valentine's Day, consider giving these fun sticker books to someone special on your list.

The Pipsticks+Workman line is underpinned by the power of stickers. With a bright and whimsical aesthetic that brings to mind a grown-up take on Lisa Frank, Mrs. Grossman’s, and the sweet nostalgia of childhood sticker collections, Pipsticks+Workman has created sticker stationery must-haves for #planneraddicts and sticker lovers everywhere.

Stickers have been experiencing a boom in popularity—people are using them to adorn their hair and their planners, college students are covering their laptops with them, the U.S. Postal Service debuted the first ever scratch-and-sniff stamps and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give the gift of cute stickers! Pipsticks+Workman is the perfect way to celebrate by sharing, sticking, and storing tons of fun stickers! There are three sticker books: THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUNTHE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, and DREAMING IN COLOR, each with 20 sheets (including one glitter and one holographic!) of totally unique stickers for adding some fun: from nail polish to narwhals, letters to llamas, and coffee and cupcakes, there’s a sticker for everyone. And HANDS OFF MY STICKERS! is the perfect addition for saving and organizing favorite stickers in a collection book. 

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Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.