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This Chocolate Gives Back to Conservation Groups Who Support Wildlife and Habitats in Need

Endangered Species Chocolate was created in Oregon, in 1933, by an entrepreneur that had passions in chocolate and conservation.  

A portion of the profits for each Endangered Species Chocolate product gives back to conservation groups who support wildlife an habitats in need. 

Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate

There are more than 26 flavor varieties of Endangered Species chocolate and they use the finest quality ingredients. The cocoa used in these products are Fair Trade sourced.  They support communities that practice sustainable farming practices in West Africa.  

Each bar has rich chocolate flavor and most bars have at least 72% cocoa. I found the quality of the chocolate to be superb and the flavors to be deep and delicious.  

This Valentine's Day think of Endangered Species Chocolate for your loved one.

About Endangered Species Chocolate:
We ensure our products advocate a sustainable eco-system that encourages habitat conservation and nurtures communties that enrich farmers and their families.

We’ve given $1.4 million to support conservation efforts for endangered species and habitats. Our goal is to donate $1 million to conservation efforts through our GiveBack Partners.

Not sure where to purchase Endangered Species chocolate in your area? Visit


  1. I try and watch for FairTrade products. I have tried this chocolate and it is really good. I love what this company stands for.


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