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Top Portable Velcro Dartboard from Foot Dart

Foot Dart Inflatable Dart Board

The warm weather will soon be here and soon soccer season will begin.  Foot dart is a great product for soccer players and clubs to use.  The foot dart can  help players develop their skills and is also a great way to get more recreation.

Foot dart is known for their quality soccer darts and are the top portable velcro dartboard giant dart board.  There are other companies who offer similar products, but Foot dart is one of the largest suppliers.  They are proud of their extensive experience and quality.  Foot darts undergo extensive testing for safety and durability before they are introduced to the public for sale.  

Over the past year or so, foot darts have began to become extremely popular.    I can totally see why.  This fun game is played similar to darts, however instead of using darts, you use a ball and kick it at your Foot dart target.  It is a great alternative and exciting game of sport and recreation.  The game is played by keeping score of where the ball lands on each kick.

Foot dart is also a great way to hone soccer skills.  Aiming for different numbers on the inflatable is great practice for persons who love and play the sport.  It can help the practice at aiming for particular areas.  They can also be used with a football to hone throwing skills as well.  

Foot Dart

Foot darts can be played by anyone of any age.  It is fun for the entire family, great for group outings and school events!  It is a great way to have fun, get some exercise and stay fit!  

If you have an organization that would like to purchase the Foot dart, you have the option of having your logo printed on the product for FREE!  You can simply send a PDF of your logo to their sales department.  

There are several different models of Foot darts that are available, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for you or your recipient!

Most Foot darts are shipped soon after order and usually arrives within 12 days of payment.  They can be ordered in any color.  You can also order either a standard or customized sizes  Basically you can customize the Foot dart to suit your needs.

The Foot dart products require blowers and they do offer the CE and UL approved blowers in accordance to the requirements of local areas.  They can be purchased with both Paypal and credit cards.

Foot dart can be shipped worldwide.  Some duty fees may apply for certain countries. You can learn more about Foot dart and purchasing one by visiting their website.


  1. Whoa! I didnt expect an inflatable how fun! I like how it is an outdoor version that is really neat!


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