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United Inventors Association Empowers Inventors Through Education

If you are an inventor and not sure where to start, the United Inventors Association is a good place.  They are a non profit organization that helps inventors by providing them with the tools and education they need to get started.  I have the opportunity to interview Brian Fried, the Executive Director.  

Here is my interview: 

What is The United Inventors Association?

The United Inventors Association of America ( is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering inventors through education, access and advocacy. Our board of directors are inventors and resources for inventors with years of experience representing inventors nationwide. We are the voice of the invention industry and provide tools, resources and access to inventor related opportunities.  

How does The United Inventors Association help inventors?

Inventors often ask how to get their idea to a working prototype and then to market. The United Inventors Association offers access to informative videos, books, access to major tradeshows organizing inventors areas for exhibitors. We are available to ask questions and keep inventors current with the latest information, including updates from the US Patent & Trademark Office. Members can stay connected throughout the year though monthly newsletters and events nationwide. The UIA takes a vested interest in participating in local inventors clubs and supporting the start of new clubs throughout the country. 

Is there a cost involved for inventors?

Membership in the United Inventors Association is free. The 501C3 non-profit is funded through generous sponsors. 

Membership in the UIA provides: 

-Discount for exhibitors booth and display hardware at tradeshows within the inventor areas at major industry tradeshows nationwide.
-Exclusive Access and discounts for UIA members to Pitch Events and conferences
-Access to UIA Board Members’ knowledge-based videos and articles
-Opportunity for featured UIA Member/Inventor of the Month on UIA website homepage
-Access to toolkit of resources and support to keep inventions moving forward
-VIP invitations to UIA sponsored networking events throughout the year  

Do you find that there is any field that is hot right now for inventors?

Products with mass appeal, meaning what consumers use daily are good opportunities for new inventions. These type of product ideas tend to catch on quickly and have a good product life cycle in retailers through various distribution channels. Companies are continuing to reach out to the inventor community looking for innovative product ideas to add to their brands through licensing opportunities. Inventors that want to manufacture their products and go into business for themselves now have more options than just mass retailers, through social media and other digital marketing channels to find success with their products.

What is the best way for young inventors to contact The United Inventors Association?

Inventors can reach out by visiting

Thank you for your time and all that you do for inventors.