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Celebrate Easter with World's Smallest Toys in Your Basket

Once upon a time there was a group of toys that dreamed of being small.  Watch this video to learn about their story.

Many of the toys you grew up playing with and loving are now available in miniature form!  Super Impulse is famous for creating World's Smallest TM line of some of the most popular toys of all time!  

These adorable classic and modern toys in miniature form make great additions for your Easter baskets and are so fun to collect, play with, and display!

Check out my review:

All of the Super Impulse toys can be played with, just as you would their larger versions. 

Some of their newest toys from Super Impulse include: 

1. MicroArcade – Tetris, Pac-Man, an Atari Combo Card featuring Missile Command, Centipede and one surprise bonus game
2. Tilt – Rubik’s and Tetris
3. Tiny Arcade Series 3 - Tetris, Pole Position, Rally X, Q*Bert
4. World’s Smallest additions: Crocodile Dentist, Uno, Super Soaker, My Little Pony, Toss Across, Blind box series 3
5. Barbie Fashionista pens series 2, Hot Wheels pens

To see the full line of Super Impulse World's Smallest and other lines, visit their website.

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Disclosure: I received samples to review. USA, LLC